Symphony Personas: Fredrick Oladipupo
Symphony Personas
Symphony Personas: Fredrick Oladipupo
Symphony Personas: Fredrick Oladipupo
Symphony Personas

Symphony Personas: Fredrick Oladipupo

Here at Symphony Solutions, our motto is “write code like music” and we love how it resonates with so many of our Symphonians. Next on Symphony Personas, Fredrick Oladipupo told us how he came into his career as a Software Developer, shared some tips and tricks on keeping your focus and finding balance in your daily life. Having joined not so long ago, seems like Fredrick has already found his vibe at the company and that’s what this is all about!

1. You joined Symphony Solutions in January 2022. What were your expectations and has the experience so far been everything you hoped for? 

My expectations were pretty high considering that I had worked with another international company and was familiar with global working conditions. So far, my expectations have been met; in fact, Symphony Solutions has taken my experience to a new level because feedback is sought and appreciated.

2. What’s the project that you are working on? Tell us about it. 

I currently work on two projects related to iGaming technology. Both projects are similar and the tech does the same thing, except one is deployed for casinos and the other for slots. The technology stores and creates a single source of truth for all kinds of data on casinos and slots providers.

3. Do you find the idea of writing code like music interesting? Does it resonate with you? 

Yes, I do. I’m a big fan of music; I listen to it while I do some exercise, write code and sometimes, to sleep. What’s amazing about music is how little bits form an amazing sound. It’s the same with code – the model that interacts with the database, the controller that handles logic… the customer uses the app and only has to click a button but many things came together behind the scenes. Just like music.

4. What do you enjoy the most about your job? 

Definitely, the idea of facing new challenges and solving new problems every day. The beautiful thing about coding is that it seethes into other areas of life and makes you apply the same level of discipline, focus, and commitment. There’s also the fact that coding changes the way the brain approaches problem-solving.

5. What would you say about our culture here at Symphony Solutions? It’s always interesting to hear a new perspective! 

I love the culture at Symphony Solutions for many reasons. The company wants to hear from employees and is committed to bringing people together through digital communities like we have on Yammer. Also, the People Partners are amazing people.

6. What’s your regular day like, working remotely? Do you ever work close to the ocean and watch the waves as you code?

No, I don’t. My day typically starts as early as 6 am with a short prayer or meditation. After that, I exercise a little and make coffee before I sit down to write code. I like to start my day early so that I can do some work before meetings. I block a couple of hours in the afternoon to do more coding, get lunch and write my end-of-day reports. Before bed time, I spare an hour to read a book.

7. How did you decide to become a Software Engineer? Did you always know you wanted to do that? 

I didn’t always know I would become a Software Engineer. I studied Industrial Chemistry and did that for about two years before a friend introduced me to software engineering. I thought it was pretty cool to be able to build great products from scratch and realized I was good at it.

8. Would you say that your love for minimalist living reflects in your work? If yes, how? If no, why? 

Yes. I can’t concentrate when my environment is disorganized, so I try to keep my living and working spaces in order. I also don’t own a lot of stuff so that I have limited things that require my focus and my time.

9. What was the last book that you read? Do you have any cool book recommendations for fellow Symphonians?  

I haven’t read many books this year, but I would recommend The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (I have read it about three times). It’s a lesson on resilience and responsibility to self and others.

10. What do you do outside of your work hours? 

Outside of work, I run, read and hang out at the beach with friends.

11. We’ve heard that you also write ‘on the side’. Is it a creative outlet, or more like an extension of your career in tech? Do you mind sharing some of your articles? 

My English is not excellent and my punctuations are way off, but I like the idea of being expressive through writing. I write my thoughts on my Notion, mostly unpublished. They are personal thoughts, so I can’t really share any.

12. What is your favourite day of the week and why? 

My favourite day of the week is any day that I get to solve problems. 

13. If you weren’t a Software Engineer, what would you have been doing?  

A writer of some sort or a job that would require me to talk to people and ask them questions. Perhaps a Public Speaker if that’s a job.

14. What are your top 3 motivators at work?

I’m motivated by problems because solving them means providing value for clients. A second motivator is being able to look back and appreciate work I’ve done. Lastly, money. Getting paid for the work I do.

15. Can you share some of your productivity hacks?    

Write it down and then break it down. Also, just get to work and do it. 

16. If you could talk to your younger self, what advice would you give?

Focus is the currency, guard it. Direct your energy into something productive every time whether you are working or having fun.

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