Symphony Personas: Slawomir Umpirowicz
Symphony Personas
Symphony Personas: Slawomir Umpirowicz
Symphony Personas: Slawomir Umpirowicz
Symphony Personas

Symphony Personas: Slawomir Umpirowicz

We have all come to Symphony Solutions from different backgrounds, bringing our own original experience and opinions. This is what we cherish and appreciate about every Symphonian. Being so unique and different, we still share the same values, passion for innovation and technology, and the ambition to always grow and learn to become better versions of ourselves. 

We have asked Slawomir Umpirowicz, our Poland-based Business Analyst, to share his journey from teacher turned developer turned BA and some valuable insights on facing challenges, achieving harmony in life, and his definition of success. 

1. Starting your career as a teacher, how did you find your way to business analysis? What do you like the most about your current role? 

It is true that I started working as a teacher. It happened by a coincidence. It was a time of an educational boom and dynamic development of education in my country. Straight from my final exams at the university, I went to an interview and I got this job. It is worth mentioning that from the very beginning I was involved in IT projects and it was quite easy for me to talk to both IT teams and the clients. Despite the fact that for many years I was a developer, I like the opportunity to work as a business analyst the most, because it allows me to search for ambitious goals together with clients, and for innovative implementations with a development team.  

2. Looking back on the last 3 years of your career at Symphony, what would you say are the highlights? 

What from the very beginning drew my attention is the constant striving to improve the organization through supporting Symphonians and developing their competencies. The constant support and interest in each person are truly unique. And I have never heard the words “it is impossible”. 

3. After so many years in the industry, what did you find different about working here than anywhere else you’ve worked?  

The pandemic has changed a lot recently, but both before and now, Symphony is doing a lot to integrate teams and provide the best possible conditions for work. What also distinguishes is the constant motivation for further personal development. And what I like the most is the focus on Agile-based methodologies. It is not just a declaration or a theory. It is a daily practice in Symphony.

4. Motivation is considered to be very important in our lives – work and personal. What are some of your biggest motivators at work?

In my opinion, there is no secret here. I just like what I do, and I like challenges. In this way, work, even on a difficult project, gives great satisfaction. I must also point out that I am always a team player. And I realize that in the IT world, not much can be done alone. 

5. The pandemic turned our life upside down. What’s special about working remotely with your team? 

Yes, it’s true. Today, nothing is the same as before. However, I am optimistic about every experience that happens to us. I also believe that despite all the problems, Symphony Solutions prepared employees for remote work. That’s why we were able to start working from home practically with no interruption. Supporting team integrity seems to be the biggest challenge right now. 

6. What 3 pieces of advice would you give yourself 20 years ago? 

It’s a very difficult question. Maybe: believe in my competences, not be afraid of risks and take up challenges. Although I know that even today, I have a problem with it, so this advice is still valid. 

7. Are there any podcasts, books, or inspirations you swear by? 

It’s nothing special, I’m interested in topics related mainly to the history of IT, so I like biographies of IT-related people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, and I also really like TED talks.

8. What do you think are Symphony’s most meaningful traditions? What’s your favourite one? 

Symphony has many traditions that deserve recognition. I really think Symphony Solutions has created a unique atmosphere that needs to be cared for. For people like me, even Casual Friday is something special, which I have been waiting for a whole week so far. I would like to note that even now, during the pandemic time, I am in the office every Friday to meet other Symphonians and have time to talk and integrate. 

9. What values are important to you in Symphony? How do you experience those values here? 

“Be the change you want to see around you”. I believe that initiative allows us to improve ourselves and change the environment. These are opportunities that we have the sole influence on, so it is not only our privilege but also our duty. 

10. Hobbies are the moments for the heart and a spare mind. What are some hobbies that help you find other meanings in this life? 

It is definitely photography. Taking a picture seems like an easy task now, but if we take the film camera, then each shot becomes a challenge for us. We will learn to pay attention not only to technical parameters but also to the composition, lighting and colors. We will also learn to commemorate those moments that are most precious to us and to which we will be happy to come back. 

11. If having a plan B was an option – who would you become if you weren’t in IT? 

I believe that whatever we do in life, it is important to do the best we can. I believe that this is a good start for both Plan A and each subsequent one. 

12. It has a different meaning for everyone in terms of life, career and spirit. How do you evaluate success? 

I am not sure if we can speak of success in my case. In my opinion, the most important thing is the harmony between the mentioned factors. This is not easy. I have a problem with the time spent in front of the computer – I try to give my best. However, I have learned that weekends are for me and for my family and I always try to make the coming weekend a special, active time. And from time to time, I am alone with my camera in nature. 

13. Over the time that we explore the world, life teaches us different lessons. What is the best life lesson or advice you have received so far? 

I learned that a man has the right to make mistakes. And that the world won’t collapse because of it. It is a mistake when we do not try to fix what we have broken.  

Want to learn the essence of Symphony Solutions that are Symphonians? Stay tuned and look out for more interviews in the near future!  

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