Symphony Solutions Expands Partnership with Optimove 
Symphony Solutions Expands Partnership with Optimove 
Symphony Solutions Expands Partnership with Optimove 

Symphony Solutions Expands Partnership with Optimove 

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Optimove, the #1 CRM Marketing solution for the iGaming industry. This exciting collaboration unfolds following Optimove’s strategic acquisition of Graphyte, now known as Opti-X, in 2022. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in a journey that began back in 2018 when our relationship with Graphyte first started. 

Symphony Solutions’ partnership with Optimove transitions that long-standing collaboration into a new phase, now enriched with added multi-channel CRM marketing expertise. Our journey up to now was all about pushing the boundaries of personalized user experiences. Now, with Optimove’s sophisticated CRM Marketing capabilities combined with Opti-X’s AI-driven personalization, we’re geared to deliver a richer, more personalized gaming journey, helping online gambling operators score big on customer loyalty and retention. 

Optimove, with its roots deeply embedded in data-driven multi-channel marketing that starts with the customer, brings a wealth of expertise in leveraging customer data to orchestrate emotionally intelligent communications. This, coupled with Symphony Solutions’ proven experience in online gambling software development, sets the stage for creating unparalleled online experiences that resonate with players and will increase customer loyalty. 

The synergy of Optimove’s CRM Marketing and Opti-X’s AI under Symphony’s online gambling development expertise is set to redefine how online gambling operators engage with players, driving growth, and ensuring a house full of satisfied customers. 

“With Optimove, Symphony Solutions elevates online gambling experiences to new heights, ensuring that players keep coming back for more. With Optimove, we can ensure that operators deliver impeccable personalized experiences to their players.”

Valentina Synenka
Chief Marketing Officer at Symphony Solutions 

As we embark on this collaborative venture with Optimove, the goal is clear: to shape next-level online gambling experiences that keep players coming back for more. 

“Symphony has an incredible track record in delivering unmatched player satisfaction, build unwavering loyalty, and achieve remarkable business growth in the online gambling sector. We believe this expanded partnership will be a boon to gaming operators.”

Erk Holt, VP Channels for Optimove 

Here’s to a rewarding alliance with Optimove and a shared vision of elevating the online gambling sector to new heights of player satisfaction, loyalty and business growth! 

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About Optimove 

Optimove is the first Customer-Led Marketing Platform. Its solutions ensure that marketing always starts with the customer instead of a campaign or product. Customer-led marketing has been proven to deliver brands an average increase of 33% in customer lifetime value.     

It is the only customer-led marketing platform powered by the combination of 1) rich historical, real-time, and predictive customer data, 2) AI-led multichannel journey orchestration, and 3) statistically credible multitouch attribution of every marketing action.      

In Gartner’s 2023 Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs, Optimove was positioned the highest in execution and furthest in vision among Challengers. In Gartner’s companion report, Optimove was ranked #1 for Multichannel Marketing Journey Orchestration.  

Optimove provides industry-specific and use-case solutions for hundreds of leading brands including bet365, Betfred, BetMGM, Entain, Sisal, Pennsylvania Lottery and others across the gaming sector.