Symphony Solutions rated as Top IT Employer in 2020 by DOU


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Symphony Solutions is proud to be recognized by DOU among the top IT companies in the year 2020. 

DOU is a popular portal for IT professionals seeking to network, share experience and find reliable and up-to-date information on IT companies. 

The ratings give a first-hand account of professionals of all ranks and departments, currently employed at the company. DOU allows employees to give an unbiased opinion on the company culture and working environment, compensation, career opportunities and more. Every year, DOU fine-tunes the algorithms to ensure that the rating is fair and depicts a genuine situation on the job market. In the year 2020, over 14k professionals rated 1008 companies. Results are presented by company size and location, giving a decently accurate representation of what you might expect when looking to join any of the featured companies. 

Symphony Solutions placed 10th in the rating of mid-size companies with the number of employees of 200 to 800. The company has received top points on all criteria, receiving an overall rating of 94 out of 100. Symphony Solutions scored 95 points in company loyalty and a whopping 97 in working conditions. It also rated high for project efficiency, compensation and career opportunities. 

Symphony Solutions always strives to provide great opportunities for professional growth and advancement. More so, to create a community alike to family, with strong values and exemplary company culture. Once again, this year the purpose has been recognized and rewarded, much to the effort of Symphonians who build up the core of Symphony Solutions.