“Write Code Like Music” Welcome to Symphony Solutions


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Symphony Solutions, the Cloud Transformation company headquartered in The Netherlands, launched a new b2b website in response to a growing international need for increased relevance to current and potential clients.

This website shows new branding, which puts a re-designed face on a 10-year-old company, whose origins and ethic stem from the intrinsic link between coding and music. Both are precise and mathematical, creative and systematic.

“For me, the difference between a good performance and a great performance by a Symphony Orchestra is the passion of the musicians. Just being technically perfect is not enough. I think the same is true when developing IT solutions, hence the line, “Write Code like Music.”

Symphony Solutions Digital Services

The link behind the computer and the musical instrument is the person making them come alive. The branding shows bold-colored abstract musical notes and code symbols wafting on a musical scale in the warm embrace of the people who create them. While many esteemed companies choose cool colors with robotic futuristic images, Symphony Solutions emphasizes the warmth and human element to reflect the culture they so carefully cultivate.

“We used careful research over a year’s time among internal and external developers, as well as clients, to make sure the branding was on target. We have sound reason to believe that the new branding blends our unique free and welcoming spirit with the creativity and precision of music and coding that our clients have come to respect.”

CMO Valentina Synenka