Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Transform legacy systems into modern, cloud-hosted applications for increased efficiency, lowered hardware and infrastructure expenses, improved application up time and increased business agility.

Many organizations still rely on legacy systems. Maintaining them can cost more than it would to overhaul or design new systems. Application Modernization Services transform these legacy applications that can be inefficient, overly complex, costly and difficult to use for end-users and for internal IT departments.



Application Modernization Services

Discussion about application modernization often relates to big, on-premise applications and how those applications can be brought into cloud architecture and release patterns.

Application Modernization Services takes these legacy applications and modernize their platform infrastructure, internal architecture, and features to make cloud-ready legacy IT applications and software. Instead of siloed, restricted and complex applications, companies benefit from modern, agile, more scalable applications that make it easier for staff to work from anywhere, on any device, interacting with multiple systems, with enhanced security.

Application Modernization Roadmap

A Legacy Transformation Roadmap can be developed to consider the digital business strategy, architecture, process maturity, organization goals, and technology assessment, among others. Most companies will address and remediate systems that have the greatest immediate business impact, and address others later in the process. This means looking at those systems that are currently hosting core business processes, developing a modernization strategy, and selecting projects where the benefits of cloud, speed, performance and scale are the ones that most improve customer experience. Symphony Solutions can help with a modernization road map. Working with the Symphony Solutions modernization team, businesses can successfully migrate, deploy and manage applications throughout the modernization process.

Why Choose Application Modernization

Modernization can unlock potential and value across an organization. Using an agile approach and decoupling existing solutions, legacy software can be transformed into something more scalable, flexible and secure. ERPs and connected systems can be scaled to meet more complex challenges, making them more connected. Too many companies have more data than they can cope with and not enough resources to generate value from it.

Moreover, companies have never been able to stand still while more progressive organizations pass them by. Their IT systems need to be secure, cloud-based, more easily interconnected with other software in the tech stack, easier to manage, maintain, and scale.
Symphony Solutions can help your modernization process to fulfill longer-term operational needs and everyday demands.

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