Redefining Coral’s Digital Betting with a Game-Changing Partnership 

Redefining Coral’s Digital Betting with a Game-Changing Partnership 

Industry: iGaming
Location: United Kingdom
Client since: 2014
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Adaptive Real-Time Betting Architecture
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and Flexibility
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The highly competitive UK gambling and sports betting industry requires constant innovation and adaptability. Within this dynamic environment, Coral, a leading name in the UK betting sector, recognized the need to upgrade its digital platform. This initiative was driven by the aim to meet rising consumer expectations. Coral wanted to stay ahead of the growing competition in the betting industry. 



Coral, a household name in the UK, is among the country’s largest bookmakers, with a visible presence across numerous high streets. Following its acquisition by GVC Holdings in March 2018, Coral became an integral part of the world’s largest online betting and gaming company, further underscoring the need for a robust and competitive digital platform. This acquisition, positioning Coral within an FTSE 100 global organization, emphasized the necessity for Coral to compete vigorously in the UK’s tightly regulated betting market. 


When Coral approached Symphony Solutions, they followed a strategy that involved combining various vendor applications into a unified mobile/desktop platform. However, this approach, intended to provide a seamless user experience, faced several notable challenges. 

Firstly, Coral heavily depended on vendors for innovation and introducing new features. These developments were often more aligned with the vendors’ schedules and priorities rather than tailored to Coral’s specific requirements. This reliance restricted Coral’s ability to distinguish their product offerings from those of competitors, limiting its potential for effective business growth. Furthermore, the diverse nature of the amalgamated mobile/desktop solution they employed resulted in inherent performance challenges, impacting their platform’s user experience and operational efficiency. 

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Take Your Betting Platform
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Symphony Solutions stepped in as a strategic partner, focusing on developing both the front-end and middleware of applications that Coral would ultimately own and offer.  


This partnership led to creation of a versatile web platform, along with native Android and iOS applications, facilitating seamless betting experiences across various devices. An adaptive architecture was also developed to support the dynamics of real-time betting, capable of efficient scaling during high-load periods like major sporting events. Furthermore, integrating Coral’s Agile, CI/CD, DevOps, and SAFe methodologies with Symphony’s Agile coaching expertise significantly enhanced the development speed, flexibility, and predictability. 


Coral has significantly enhanced its operational efficiency at all levels through its partnership with Symphony Solutions. This collaboration has led to Coral owning the applications developed and gaining greater control over their digital strategy. The partnership has expanded impressively, growing from a small team to over 150 engineers, reflecting the deepening relationship and success of the collaboration. 

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Transform Your Betting Experience

Transform Your Betting Experience