Expanding Market Reach with DevOps Infrastructure Optimization

Expanding Market Reach with DevOps Infrastructure Optimization

Industry: IT
Location: Europe
Client since: 2022
Increased market penetration
Augmented user experience
Over 50% reduction in infrastructure costs
Services used
Application Development Cloud & DevOps Managed Infrastructure
Technologies used


Infrastructure optimization and DevOps best practices are essential enablers for companies looking to extend their market presence, as they introduce the benefits of improved speed, reliability, scalability, cost efficiency, and security throughout the development and deployment processes. Symphony Solutions provides DevOps development services to help businesses deliver higher quality products fast and make smarter use of their budget. 


Covizmo is a data engineering and consulting company that leverages AI/ML to drive digital transformation and optimize industrial data management. The client currently operates a successful SaaS solution catering to a major enterprise. With aspirations to extend their market presence, they plan to offer this SaaS solution on a subscription basis to smaller businesses. 


The client faced the dual challenge of adapting their existing SaaS solution for a wider audience and enhancing their appeal to new clients efficiently, particularly from smaller businesses. With this in mind, the client’s top priorities were as follows: 

  • Implementing robust Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality 
  • Seamless integration with the billing system and WordPress platform 

Additional needs included: 

  • Optimizing infrastructure for cost efficiency 
  • Enhancing DevOps practices to ensure streamlined application delivery.  


Symphony Solutions team worked on a comprehensive solution that encompassed all the client’s requirements for the project: 

SSO Enhancement and Integration 

  • Conducted a detailed analysis and strategy definition for SSO implementation. 
  • Seamlessly integrated SSO with WordPress to provide a unified and user-friendly experience. 

Billing System and WordPress Integration 

  • Designed integration with the billing system for effective subscription management. 
  • Implemented SSO with WordPress, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly platform. 
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Get smart with your budget
while maintaining top quality
with DevOps

Cost Optimization 

  • Developed and implemented optimized infrastructure changes to achieve cost efficiency. 

A major part of the solution was improvements of the Current DevOps Practices: 

  • Improved Bitbucket resources as single entry-point of application and environments state (application repositories and environmental repositories) for unified operational way of making changes with automated bitbucket pipelines working all under the hood. 
  • Decomposition of Java backend application. Cut off administrative frontend and report generator as first step to create cloud-native distributed application. 
  • Using simple and cheap AWS services (EC2, S3, ECR) to build cost-effective environments. 
  • Developed modular stack with Docker Compose and privately stored business-logic components of application with Nginx Ingress component as reverse-proxy. 
  • Improved Docker files with multi-stage build process to build lightweight images with newest frameworks and base images. 
  • Created additional stack components for logging, SSL-terminating with free LetsEncrypt certificates, web-based DB management and access to DB backups and auto-restarting failed containers. 
  • Deployed SSO component based on Keycloak-Postgress in independent instance serving multiple environments by different Realms. 
  • Developed hardcoded-free one-entrance configuration approach in .env file to unify and simplify changes in configuration. 
  • Implemented Dev/Test/Demo/Production environments for application development. 
environments for application development
  • CI/CD process for automated building of Docker images for main application components (backend, report-generator, frontend, admin-frontend, react AI component). 
  • CI/CD process of deploying new versions of stack components by git commit approach with ability to deploy directly. 
  • Used modular Nginx-Ingress-based stack to make it easier to add new components to application. 
  • Simplified maintenance with identical (semi-equal) architecture for all environments. 
  • Introduced internal logging for each environment for better error research.


The solutions implemented by Symphony Solutions expert team led to positive outcomes aligned with the client’s objectives: 

  • Market Expansion. The client was able to introduce their SaaS solution to a broader audience through a subscription model. Enhanced accessibility for smaller businesses led to increased market penetration. 
  • User Convenience. User experience, augmented through SSO implementation, allowed simplifying access for clients. Seamless integration of SSO with WordPress was achieved for a cohesive and user-friendly platform. 
  • Cost Savings. Through the implementation of optimized changes, over 50% savings were achieved in the client’s infrastructure expenses. 
  • DevOps Efficiency. Cost and timesaving were achieved through a series of improvements with the CI/CD process, opting for free or affordable tools, automation and direct deployment, etc. 
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