Helping the Product Grow in Production with Managed Services

Helping the Product Grow in Production with Managed Services

Industry: Healthcare
Client since: 2020
100+ processed incidents and requests
Detecting Edge Cases
99.95% solution availability
Services used
Cloud & DevOps Managed Infrastructure
Technologies used


During the Covid crisis, there was an urgent need for quick testing with immediate results. The existing situation clearly indicated the arising need for testing facilities which are accessible, affordable, and allow people to get results in the matter of minutes, not days.

Between the Covid-19 peaks, the company is working to expand support for other tests and provide quality laboratory research for the population. To be able to offer a full spectrum of medical services, they need long-term professional maintenance of their IT infrastructure to avoid outages, repeated breakdowns or security breaches.



Spoedtestcorona is a chain of testing centers offering rapid screening tests among which are Covid-19, STDs, skin and nail diseases, as well as blood tests in the Netherlands and Belgium. It consists of an ambitious group of entrepreneurs and doctors who have joined forces. Inspired by the great social need for professional rapid test capacity and motivated by the many parties who, in their view, charge very high rates for this, SpoedtestCorona has started an affordable rapid testing and now successfully expanded testing services they offer.


Symphony Solutions has established a successful cooperation with SpoedtestCorona that resulted in delivering a scalable cross-platform web application, an admin portal and a lead-generating website. However, as the project and development expanded the incidents flow from the production side took up a lot of time of the development team. A lot of these issues could have been resolved without their involvement, had the IT infrastructure support been established. Additionally, the client needed Support for non-business hours.


To answer customer’s needs, Symphony’s team took over two main activities:

• Responding to requests of the customers, development and testing teams
• 8/7 support and support for non-business hours

Some examples of cases that have been handled by the team include:

Case # 1: A patient came to the location with the appointment booking code XXXX. But when they were at ID checker to check their ID, the status of the booking code was already on Done status.

RCA & Solution: This booking ID photo with the test result already was present in the database. It looks like that patient had a few bookings and for example yesterday they used booking for a future date. And in this case, there is a test result, so looks like the booking was used on the wrong date/timeslot.

Case #2: People from different test locations have stopped receiving e-mail notifications.

RCA & Solution: Turns out it was Amazon who limited our ability to send messages, because our SES complaint rate was 1.03%. We have identified a root cause – that was an automatic alerting feature that we have started to test the day before yesterday on the test environment.
We moved our test environment to another AWS account in order to avoid such issues in the future. A DevOps engineer wrote a custom script to re-send any messages left to send.

Case #3: A patient came to the location. They got their ticket with a barcode but the process of scanning the barcode (booking code) failed.

RCA & Solution: In logs, we have found the remove event which deletes all records according to the booking code.
According to barcode ticket creation and remove event date, just after the customer came to the location and got his barcode ticket, he canceled his location invite which triggered the removal of the event.


• 100+ incidents and requests been processed during the year since the service started
• 14 improvements have been made
• Solution itself and Integration with the Netherlands governmental portals is under proactive monitoring
• Solution availability is >99.95%

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