Increasing IVF odds with AI

Increasing IVF odds with AI

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AI technology has been making breakthrough advances in various fields and healthcare is no exception. It is capable of not only predicting illnesses, personalizing treatments or helping staff increase their efficiency but also has great potential in increasing IVF success rates. That is how EMBRY, an AI app that can predict the outcome of IVF, was born.


EMBRY is an AI application that follows the IVF Process and predicts the outcome by utilizing Artificial Intelligence. It uses all information about the IVF patient, including pictures of embryos. With all the details gathered, EMBRY analyzes IVF cycle step-by-step to calculate the outcome of the procedure.


The idea that lies within the app is to analyze in depth the IVF step to get more details about the procedure and be able to predict possible outcomes.  

The biggest challenge here was the collaboration and guidance from clinics, without which the app would just be a concept with no viable results. The collaboration and data provided by clinics allowed to get a better understanding of the whole process. While analyzing the data provided additional information and shed some light on the key factors for the IVF outcome.  


The first step involved modeling the data and IVF process. The development of the app started with creating the model that could detect the egg quality and then designing another model for embryos that would detect how old they were. Once the models are created, it’s easier to develop a prediction algorithm. 

As every AI program and algorithm, the app requires some data, big data. That is why EMBRY is based on cloud native development and created to work on cloud and using cloud services that can offer resources and flexibility, and easy collaboration with different research centers, hospitals and clinics too. 

Beside the prediction part, another possible application of the product is the research. Hospitals, Clinics and Research centers can analyze patient’s data and try to find other problems to solve.  

EMBRY method

With this kind of method and technology, embryologists will be more accurate in the selection stage and increase the success rate of IVF. Fewer attempts mean less funding spent on expensive procedures where the results may be wary. Also, the patients avoid the devastating psychological effect of repeated procedures not resulting in a positive outcome. 

Research centers and even hospitals and clinics can make great advances in clinical research and diagnostics. Additionally, the tool can be used for educational purposes.  

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Detection on images

EMBRY detection


  • Increasing IVF success rate. 
  • Saving time and resources. 
  • Сlinical research, diagnostics and educational purpose.