Conducting Project Discovery Phase for CRM Automation System 

Conducting Project Discovery Phase for CRM Automation System 

Industry: iGaming
Location: USA
Client since: 2023
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Automate Data Processes
Foster Data-Driven Culture
Show Current Business Numbers on Dashboards
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The Client approached Symphony Solutions, facing a challenge common in marketing: the majority of their data handling involved extensive, ongoing manual labor. This not only consumed precious time but also often yielded results that were less relevant. Additionally, they were using too many different tools for similar tasks. They needed a single CRM automation system to centralize their work and automate these manual tasks.  ´Time to execution and insights´ would be improved as well as the overall efficiency of the process. 


Our client brings two decades of experience to the highly competitive entertainment and betting industry. With a diverse portfolio of circa ten brands under their umbrella, they cater to a wide range of preferences, including exclusive casinos and hybrid platforms that offer both sports betting and casino gaming. Notably, several of their brands hold leading positions in the US market.  


The client came to us for discovery services to better understand and improve their operations. In this important project discovery phase, we needed to focus on several key areas: 

  • Current Environment: Evaluating the existing setup to identify opportunities for leveraging existing capabilities more effectively. 
  • Constraints and Boundaries: Recognizing that within the specific business environment, some solutions may not be practical. 
  • Business Needs: Pinpointing key performance indicators (KPIs) that need enhancement and establishing mechanisms for tracking progress. 
  • Addressing Stakeholder Requirements: In the process of integrating new tools within expansive organizations, it is crucial to engage with a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Identifying these stakeholders, comprehending their requirements, and leveraging this understanding to inform system design is essential for successful implementation. 

During the discovery phase of a project, we encountered several challenges: 

  • The necessity to comprehend and evaluate numerous outdated systems. 
  • The task of accommodating a wide range of internal stakeholders, who sometimes have divergent needs. 
  • Another challenge is communicating with stakeholders around the world, each with their distinct objectives. 
  • Integrating various custom tools, each at different stages of development, into the delivery plan. 
  • The lack of a centralized platform for effective communication. 
  • Encountering restricted access to essential data. 
  • Numerous diverse areas that exhibited gaps and lacked collaboration. 
  • Continuous deliberation about the optimal solution, with every new piece of information potentially altering the proposed direction. 
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During the project discovery phase, it became evident that achieving our business objectives entailed more than selecting the appropriate software approaches. A holistic transformation strategy was necessary, one that also concentrated on enhancing other vital business facets. Below, we outline our plan in more manageable components: 

Data Flow Automation

Setting up a system to automatically collect, move, and process marketing data. This makes handling data much easier and faster. 

Marketing Team Transformation

Preparing training to shift the marketing team’s approach to data-driven marketing that will help them use new tools and data more effectively.

Analytics and Reporting

Providing the marketing team and the wider business with up-to-date and accurate marketing data to help them make better marketing decisions

Custom CRM Solution

Creating a special tool for marketing specialists to do most of their work. It will have advanced features for targeting customers, analyzing data, and creating detailed customer profiles, integrating the data flow and analytics efforts. 


Company Process Transformation

Identifying opportunities to improve processes. By adopting the SAFe framework, we can ensure the success of our transformations and tool implementations, speeding up business initiatives. 

Existing Tools Utilization

While developing new tools, we also found ways to get better results with the tools already available. This means continuous improvement even during development. 

Support Transformation

We noticed some issues with the support system. By enhancing CRM solution to include features like Player Profiles and establishing a structured support process with three levels, we can resolve these issues effectively.

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Following the discovery phase of a project, the client was provided with these results: 

Comprehensive Proposal (~100 pages)

Covering key areas like Data Flow Automation, Analytics and Reporting, and the Custom CRM solution, including: 

  • Detailed Observations and Findings: Descriptions of our discoveries, the current setup, technological infrastructure, and an understanding of stakeholder challenges and needs. 
  • Detailed Transformation Strategy: For prioritized streams, outlining high-level requirements. 
  • General Approach: An in-depth look at necessary processes for achieving the outlined results. 
  • Delivery Plan: Organized by phases and sprints, detailing feature lists, dependencies, and expected outputs. 
  • Team Setup: Outlining the team structure for different stages of the delivery plan. 
  • Project Assumptions and Risks. 
  • Cost Estimation. 

Clickable Design Concept

For the Custom CRM solution, showcasing some of the proposed reports. 


Solution Architecture Documentation

Explaining the architecture of proposed tools and technology choices. 

Transformation Strategy

For Marketing Team Transformation, Company Process Improvement, Utilizing Existing Tools, and Support System Overhaul. This section provides a roadmap for necessary actions and expected business outcomes. 

Requirements Document Spreadsheet

Detailed functional and non-functional requirements for proposed tools, along with specifications for suggested reports/dashboards/KPIs and metrics, including data collection and calculation methods. 

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