Transforming Restaurant Business with Serverless Approach 

Transforming Restaurant Business with Serverless Approach 

Industry: Retail
Client since: 2022
Delivering results in 6 months
Reliable, cost-efficient, and secure solution
Services used
Application modernization Cloud & DevOps
Technologies used


The aim of the current project is to transform the existing website  of the client, a well-known restaurant group, for the UK region to ensure a seamless user journey and to improve user experience.  

The project is planned to be delivered during several phases: minimum viable product (the phase 1), and the next phases (to deliver distinct major website parts/domains). 


The client is a well-known UK restaurant group.


The client partnered with Symphony Solutions to get architectural consulting when redesigning the existing solution, which have been in use for more than 5 years. Due to the lack of general architectural support during the previous development cycles and insufficient documentation, the existing solution exposed non-optimal user flows and suffered from certain third-parties integration incompatibilities. A new UI/UX design has been developed to provide customers with updated features and advanced animation. 

Additionally, legacy application contained a lot of technical debt and didn’t allow reliable incremental adding of new features, such as personal account feature and SEO-friendly website structure and didn’t ensure error-free migration to new architectural design. 


Based on the client’s requirements, after thorough analysis of functional and non-functional requirements and new UI/UX design, Symphony Solutions provided the unique solution based on AWS serverless approach. 

AWS has a comprehensive set of instruments to quickly spin up a scalable and secure application with the main focus on performance and expenses optimization. As for an eCommerce product, the solution prioritizes both security and high availability.   

The complete spectrum of architectural consulting services provided for the client includes:  

  • Conducted analysis of features and converted them into detailed requirements  
  • Finalized non-functional requirements  
  • Prepared architectural vision and architecturally significant requirements documents 
  • Designed high-level target system architecture 
  • Designed low-level componential architecture and system sequence diagram of components 
  • Designed data flow diagrams for third party integrations 
  • Developed integration diagrams for third parties’ applications and systems, including payment providers 
  • Evaluated technical debt of existing application 
  • Prepared a set of development standards and DevOps strategy 
  • Drafted backup and recovery plans 
  • Provided ball-park estimations for MVP phase and the next development phases 

From the technological point of view, the solution works through a CloudFront Content Delivery Network, scalable backend based on AWS Lambda and Step functions, DynamoDB is being used as NoSQL key-value storage service. All these services have been implemented in Infrastructure-as-a-code paradigm with deployment automation using Azure DevOps pipelines. It helps to track infrastructural evolution and allows to replicate environments for development and testing purposes. 


Symphony Solutions provided the client with a comprehensive set of architectural consulting services to design new solution in a performant, reliable, cost efficient and secure way. Thanks to the close cooperation with the client, we’ve delivered the result in 6 months, helping the client to keep the focus on business and customers satisfaction. 

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