8 Mistakes to Avoid in Cypress Test Automation
8 Mistakes to Avoid in Cypress Test Automation
8 Mistakes to Avoid in Cypress Test Automation

8 Mistakes to Avoid in Cypress Test Automation

You probably know the story. You’ve created a couple of tests, and since you are using Cypress, you’ve done this pretty quickly. Nothing seems to stop you, but then – Test is failed. It wasn’t the app, wasn’t an error; the Test was… flaky? Well, yes. Test design is important no matter what tool you use, Cypress included. The good news is that Cypress has some tools behind its belt to help you. Join Symphony Solutions’ event to learn how to avoid mistakes in Cypress Test Automation!

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Filip Hric

Independent Educator & Consultant

  • Teaching testers about web development and developers about testing.  
  • Keynote speaker and have spoken at conferences around the world.  
  • Creator of multiple online courses.  
  • Cypress ambassador.  
  • Hosted live workshops on end-to-end testing with Cypress.io.   
  • Learn2code & Test automation university instructor. 

More information about Filip – tps://filiphric.com

We will talk about:

Filip will guide you away from the valley of antipatterns into the fields of evergreen, stable tests. We’ll talk about common mistakes in designing your Test, proper use of commands and their built-in retry-ability, and much more. All to avoid flakiness, remove explicit waits, and keep a smile on your face.  

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced test automation professional, attending this event can lead to a better understanding of how to design tests effectively and maintain a positive testing experience.

Who will benefit:

  • Testers are responsible for writing and executing test cases using Cypress for web applications.  
  • Developers who are involved in testing their applications or collaborating with testers to create end-to-end tests with Cypress.  
  • QA engineers who are responsible for ensuring the quality of web applications through automated testing.  
  • AQA Engineers.  
  • Developers are interested in understanding how testing works in the context of web development.  
  • Anyone passionate about test automation and eager to enhance their knowledge of Cypress and best practices will find value in the event.
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