Symphony QA Talkathon
Software Testing & QA
Symphony QA Talkathon
Symphony QA Talkathon
Software Testing & QA

Symphony QA Talkathon

Symphony Solutions invites QA professionals to the Talkathon featuring guest experts who’ll be sharing their experience and insights. We are actively involved in growing our company tech communities and the Quality Assurance Band in particular. So, meet our experts. 

Guest expert: Sergey Pirogov, QA Manager. 

  • 10+ years of experience working in Quality Assurance 
  • Experience working as QA Manager for international companies 
  • Contributed to open source by development of Python library for Selenium WebDriver binaries management 
  • Developed a Python version for the Test containers project that became accepted to the official Testcontainers GitHub organization 
  • Helps to grow professional QA by contributing to the community as an active speaker and program committee member of QA conferences 
  • Winner of the Ukraine IT Award 2018 “Quality Assurance” 
  • Owner of YouTube channel Automation remarks and Telegram channel 
  • GitHub page 

Symphony Solutions expert: Vitalii Tymashkov, Software Architect. 

  • A multi-skilled IT professional with extensive experience in Architecture, Design, Software Development, Quality Assurance and IT skills in Hospitality, Travel, Fintech, Automotive, and Industrial Processes Automation domains 
  • 20+ years of experience in industrial processes automation domain 
  • 5+ years of experience in QA automation domain 
  • 5+ years of experience in software development and delivery 
  • 10+ years of experience in project management 
  • Main focus areas: Solutions Architecture, Quality architecture, Cloud technologies, IT security, Cryptography, Mentoring 
  • Awards: Winner OPZ, 2016 – the best innovator in industrial automation branch, QA band of Symphonians technical advisor. 

Here’s what we’ll talk about: 
1. What are must-have skills/knowledge/techs to start as AQA? 
2. Is there any significant difference we must bear in mind between python/js/java for automation? Which one is more perspective?  
3. How to find inspiration and topics for QA podcast? And how to make it entertaining? 
4. When ChatGPT will be able to do manual testing or implement and run automated tests better than QA team? 

This event may catch the interest of: 

  • QA specialists on all levels 
  • Manual QA considering a switch to Automation QA 
  • Anyone interested in the topic 🙂 

Language: Ukrainian 
Duration: 1 h