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CyberSecurity in iGaming: Secure by Design
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CyberSecurity in iGaming: Secure by Design

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CyberSecurity in iGaming: Secure by Design

Find out why a long-term strategy for Cybersecurity should be embedded into product development.

On June 1, 4:00 – 5:00 PM CET, Symphony Solutions, Cloud and Agile transformation company, partners up with UnderDefense, a leading US cybersecurity firm, in an event to address real Cybersecurity challenges the Technology industry faces today. Especially in iGaming, Cybersecurity matters not just from a compliance perspective. After many Denial of Service attacks, privacy breaches, fraudulent activities, and data leaks, business starts realizing that Sustainability and business continuity should be a part of their Innovation strategy.

Join our event to find out what iGaming organizations should do in Cybersecurity besides Pentests to mitigate the risk of direct revenue loss, ensure availability, resistance against Ransomware attacks, fines, and fraud. We will discuss how Engineering and IT teams can leverage it to create business value and build a long-term strategy of Cybersecurity embedded into product development, and to ensure an organization and its products are secure by design.

What’s in it for CIO: The risks and benefits of ethical hacking

Control is what a CIO wants to buy. Risk on. Risk off. Continuity of Business. Resiliency. Adaptive strategy and Flexibility to proceed and automate their systems of records to be predictive and prescriptive going forward. This means that they, as a CIO, can adapt and respond and drive profit responsibly and sustainably by mitigating and transferring risks and by controlling the enterprise systems to make the RIGHT trade-offs between risk and profit. 

Every CIO and CMO, along with their CTOs, will benefit from an ethical hacking service taking place before a major one of their BRANDS and new products go to market. They have more than a Governance Risk Management and Compliance approach and GDPR approach to launching their new brand and new product on the market since almost all new product launches are Digital products now. They are not only physical, but now they may be Data-led and AI-driven, and delivered through a Cloud strategy and platform strategy as part of an overall Digital Transformation. 


  • VP of Engineering
  • CTO
  • CIO
  • CISO
  • DevOps Director
  • QA Director


The event will cover the topics in two 30-minute sections with a Q&A session at the end of each section.

  • Cyberattacks and Compliance in iGaming

We will cover real cases from practice on how leading European online gaming companies are continuously targeted by malefactors and building their Cyber Resiliency in Production & Internal networks. We will talk about Cloud Security, Fraud and DDoS, and countermeasures to avoid business interruption. 

  • How developing products secure by design can mitigate the risks

We will discuss how people think about security and approach it in day-to-day life. What organizations should do besides Pentests in Cybersecurity and how they can leverage new solutions as business value. When security is integrated into the Software Development Lifecycle and what benefits come with having DevSecOps in place.

Eduardo iGB

Eduardo dos Remedios

VP of iGaming at Symphony Solutions
a true leader and veteran in the iGaming industry, he has contributed to the success of numerous brands and operators throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Nazar Tymoshyk

Founder of UnderDefense
the most Agile Incident Detection & Response company. Nazar holds a Ph.D. degree with over 20 years of practical expertise in Ethical Hacking. His team protects more than 40 000 production systems across the globe.

Giannella Borg

Information Security Team Lead at Catena Media
with over 15 years of experience, she is professionally devoted to spearheading Information Security efforts within iGaming, FinTech, and IT industries. Giannella is the Vice President of the ISACA Malta Chapter.