Leveraging cloud native technologies in healthcare to respond to urgent social needs

Leveraging cloud native technologies in healthcare to respond to urgent social needs

Leveraging cloud native technologies in healthcare webinar

Leveraging cloud native technologies in healthcare to respond to urgent social needs

On April 22, 4:00 – 5:00 PM CEST, join us for a 1-hour online event to learn how healthcare organizations can leverage serverless capabilities to launch health solutions faster, in a cost-effective and scalable way, safe in the knowledge that their patients’ data is secured and protected.  

At the webinar, we will discuss the challenges we had to overcome with Spoedtestcorona when faced with the task to bring a cross-platform web application for Covid-19 rapid testing on the market in two weeks. 


  • Healthcare CTOs.
  • CEOs.
  • CIOs.
  • Heads of products and other business tech focus roles in healthcare. 


The webinar consists of 3 parts: 

The 1st part will be devoted to the business side of the project. We will go into details of our journey from the start to where we are today, the issues we were faced with at the beginning and how the technologies helped us drive the project, while being able to scale quickly, release on demand, and minimize the security risks.   

In the 2nd part we will discuss the technical aspects and the main challenge we had to take on – rolling out a solution in a record short time. How we made the most from the decision to opt for cloud native development and take as much as possible from the existing AWS cloud services, to deliver a cost-efficient solution in two weeks and at the same time meet security and compliance demands dictated by the healthcare domain.   

In the 3rd part, the Ministry of Education, culture and Science of the Netherlands will share how working with Spoedtestcorona allowed them to quickly startup & scale their project, taking high security standards into consideration. And how this lead to making the cooperation a success.


By the end of the webinar you will get valuable insights into the challenges of launching a healthcare startup within a short timeframe, learn how to utilize cloud native technologies to speed up delivery while being compliant and secure, get a grasp of the social impact and importance of innovation in B2G projects. 


  • The challenges of launching a healthcare startup.
  • Software-driven business: making the right technical decisions that allow to roll out, scale quickly, pivot, and do it in a secure way.
  • Adapting to different conditions quickly: risk segregation (IaC), business segments isolation (B2B/B2C/B2G). 
  • AWS services we’ve leveraged for the project: Cognito, Lambda, DynamoDB, Certificate Manager, S3, CloudFront. 

Event details


Apr 22, 2021

4-5pm CEST




Free of charge

Jeroen de Jong

Founder and CEO of Spoedtestcorona Nederland
Jeroen is the Founder and CEO of the Spoedtestcorona testing centers in the Netherlands.

Oleg Chekan

Head of technical Pre-sale and Service Delivery Manager at Symphony Solutions
Oleg is a Cloud Solution Architect that has designed and delivered the platform. Experienced in product development for security, gaming, fintech and healthcare business domains.