Enter DATTALION: It’s Our Digital Battle
Enter DATTALION: It’s Our Digital Battle
Enter DATTALION: It’s Our Digital Battle

Enter DATTALION: It’s Our Digital Battle

On February 24, 2022, the line was crossed and life changed for millions of Ukrainians as they were forced into a brutal conflict, having to fight for their lives, dignity, and future. Ukraine is fighting off the aggressor, as the world watches in horror. To get the much-needed help and recognition for the Ukrainian fight for peace, it’s crucial to provide relevant and verified information and proof of how the war is ravaging over Ukraine. That’s where Dattalion enters front and center stage.

How Dattalion Came into Existence

Dattalion, or “data battalion”, has been created in the first days of the war by Ukrainian women as an immediate response to the unprecedented attack on Ukraine. The initiative was first established on February 27, 2022, and since then has welcomed volunteers from around the world and launched a mass database of photo and video footage that documents the war atrocities of Russia on the frontlines and temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

DATTALION: The Mission

Dattalion’s mission is to help Ukraine win this terrible war by revealing the brutal truth about Russian atrocities and genocide of Ukrainians, and by making clear to the world what Ukraine needs to win and rebuild.

Dattalion Goals are Defined as such:

  1. Empower media around the world to tell their audiences the truth about Russia’s war in Ukraine, by providing free and easy access to videos, photos, and eyewitness testimony from the frontlines.
  2. Collect and store evidence of war crimes, environmental crimes, crimes against humanity, and acts of genocide against Ukrainians committed by Russia in Ukraine.
  3. Amplify to the world the vital need to stand with Ukraine to win this war, by sending an explicit warning and sharing unambiguous factual evidence about the threat Russia poses to the democratic international democracy system.
Dattalion in numbers
Updated April 2023: 6,200+ videos, 32,000+ photos, 170+ witness database, 45,000+ monthly visitors.

Symphony Solutions Team Supports Dattalion: Our Contribution

Dattalion project exists due to the effort and passion of 100+ professionals, including 7 members from Symphony Solutions, who contribute to the project with their skill and expertise. The team provides its full ongoing development and marketing support to the Dattalion project.

Dattalion Team- Symphonians

Symphony Solutions team has created the “face” of Dattalion and presented it to the world. Designing brand identity, building the website from the ground up, establishing a stronghold on social media – all this helped bring the message of Dattalion to the global public in the US and Europe. The team turned the spotlight on the project and launched the Dattalion database into the global information space. We continue our support for the project, bringing awareness to the evidence of Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine, promoting fundraisers, and maintaining all digital activities. This is our personal fight!

Symphony Solutions as a leading cloud transformation company, provides its services to Dattalion pro bono. This is one of the company’s many charity initiatives in support of Ukraine’s fight for peace since the early days of the war.

Global Media about Dattalion

Dattalion has been covered in multiple international media outlets, which helps direct the public to the project’s extensive database of verified proof. Information is our weapon to emphasize the importance of documenting and exposing the sheer damage and devastation that the Russian invasion leaves behind.

Global Media about Dattalion

Learn more about Dattalion, as presented in global media here.

Dattalion has responded to media requests from СNN, BBC, CNBC, and others, providing verified data on impactful and harrowing incidents, such as Bucha massacre, Kherson offensive, Mariupol and Azovstal defense, etc. This way we help the global media present a relevant and informed report on the war in Ukraine, with an exact precision on the time and place, verified and proven by photo and video evidence.

Dattalion in the Public Eye: Events

Dattalion team have revealed their identities in a press briefing earlier this year and since then have participated in a number of events to bring the public attention to the project and its noble mission.

War is real. War is ugly.
Dattalion is exposing the true face of Russia in every step of its vicious attack on Ukraine. We bring truth to the surface. We override ignorance with facts and proof. We will not stop till the very end.

Help Ukraine win and rebuild! Help Ukraine BE!
Make your contribution to the Dattalion project and help continue showing the world truth about the war in Ukraine. Find out how you can help today or donate.

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