Symphony Solutions Supports Ukraine: Bionic Hands, Volunteering, Battle for Truth, and Other Initiatives
Symphony Solutions Supports Ukraine: Bionic Hands, Volunteering, Battle for Truth, and Other Initiatives
Symphony Solutions Supports Ukraine: Bionic Hands, Volunteering, Battle for Truth, and Other Initiatives

Symphony Solutions Supports Ukraine: Bionic Hands, Volunteering, Battle for Truth, and Other Initiatives

Symphony Solutions is a Dutch-based IT company with its largest delivery center in Lviv, Ukraine. Since day one of the war, we have been standing ground with Ukraine, helping our Symphonians get to safety, and supporting Ukraine through our charity initiatives.

We’d like to share the charity initiatives that we have launched as part of our Stand with Ukraine campaign.

Symphony Solutions Lviv office has been operating in Ukraine since 2008, when Theo Schnitfink, founder, decided to leverage the IT talent of Ukraine and bring his great vision to fruition. Since then, Ukraine has always been the home of the biggest delivery center of Symphony Solution. 

…As for the choice of the city, I had only two criteria: it had to have an airport and it had to be a university city. And Lviv met those requirements.

Theo Schnitfink
Theo Schnitfink
Founder of Symphony Solutions, Forbes interview, 2018 

Now, as Ukraine is under brutal and unprecedented attack, we feel obligated to stand up and speak up for what is right. The war disrupts the normal way of life – people get displaced, infrastructure destroyed, uncertainty in tomorrow rising. We cannot wait and see if tomorrow comes. We make sure that there is a tomorrow. Symphony Solutions stands with Ukraine!

Since the beginning of the war Symphony Solutions along with Symphonians and clients donated and raised almost 1,000,000 euros. We continue our charity initiatives for peace.

Offices Turned into Shelters

One of the devastating realities of war is how people lose their homes and get displaced as they are fleeing to safety. Symphony Solutions is turning its offices into shelters to take in Symphonians, their family and friends.

The Lviv office was the first one to adapt to the new reality and welcome people coming from Kyiv, Kharkiv and other cities. It is open 24/7 and has all the necessary conditions – shower, kitchen, fresh hot meals from our catering partner. The Lviv office has already welcomed over two hundred guests, some staying overnight, some for a few days.

Theo Schnitfink, CEO of Symphony Solutions, who brought humanitarian aid to Ukraine, even stayed in the Lviv office shelter overnight to test it out and suggest some improvements. Theo was quite satisfied with his inspection and made a list of ideas for shelter coordinators and volunteers on how to make the place more comfortable for the people coming here.

The Polish offices in Krakow and Rzeszow have been turned into shelters as well and started taking in guests and providing all basic needs for their comfortable stay.

Symphonians volunteer to take care of the shelters and coordinate people coming there. Refugees are further assisted with finding apartments so that people could move in and stay where they are more like home afterwards. As it’s almost impossible to find a flat via regular channels now, Lviv Symphonians help get people settled in their own homes, or that of their friends and neighbours.

  • Relocation

We are also assisting Symphonians who choose to move further west with their families. Our Polish team has done an impressive job being present 24/7 for those who crossed the Polish border providing help with transportation and accommodation in various cities in Poland.

As of right now, Symphonians are scattered around the Globe – in countries of Western and Central Europe, Turkey, the USA, and even Sri Lanka – and yet we feel more united than ever before. We assist our colleagues and their families in relocation, ensuring their safety and allocating the necessary resources: logistics, transportation, accommodation, shelter, and legal support.

Company values are fundamental for us at Symphony Solutions which are now giving us the strength to remain stoic and vigilant in the face of adversity. These ideas bind us with the deepest sense of belonging and support. Wherever we are, we can communicate, work and support our families – that’s the agility in action, that’s the spirit of unity, that’s the spirit of Symphony Solutions.

Charity Initiative “Stand by Ukraine”

The charity initiative “Stand by Ukraine” was created by Symphony Solutions specifically for the purpose of raising funds and providing humanitarian and emergency aid to Ukraine.

This was an emergency initiative that we have prepared and launched in literal days. To make it as efficient as possible, Symphony Solutions has registered the charity foundation “Stand by Ukraine”. We have already purchased and delivered in bulk the most needed protective gear and other necessary equipment for Ukrainian people and the Army.

This is an initiative for anyone outside of Ukraine who is willing to help and support Ukrainians in their fight for freedom.

Supporting UNBROKEN Rehabilitation Center 

Symphony Solutions was one of the first businesses to support the Unbroken National Rehabilitation Center, a healthcare initiative aimed at providing medical assistance to the injured in the war in Ukraine. The rehabilitation center provides reconstructive surgery, prosthesis care, psychological, and social rehabilitation – the full cycle of care required for the affected civilians of military personnel to regain their health and get reintegrated into society. 

Symphony Solutions has committed to donating all the profits generated by the company in Ukraine to the needs of the Unbroken center. Keeping in close contact with the hospital, we stay informed of their immediate needs and provide support where needed. The funds donated by Symphony Solutions have already been used to purchase rehabilitation equipment and diagnostics devices for the center. Essential multifunctional equipment has been installed at St. Luke’s Hospital in Lviv – MOTOmed Viva2, Verticalizer, Ceiling lift GHI, TREADMEAL, and Gloria Aria – and with its help the doctors and rehabilitation specialists will be able to help up to 30 patients per day in their recovery. 

Symphony Solutions has also purchased two bionic hand prostheses for patients of the center, soldiers injured in action. The innovative AI-powered hand prostheses were developed by an American-Ukrainian company Esper Bionics. 

Over 329 000 EUR Raised

Before anything else could have been arranged, Symphony Solutions has launched fundraisers understanding that there is no time to lose. Altogether, we have gathered a staggering three million Ukrainian hryvnias which were donated for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as separate military units which we are supporting. Here is what we have accomplished:

  • Symphony Solutions donates all profits

“Symphony donates all profits made on the work that Ukrainians in Ukraine generate, and will use this to support many different initiatives in order to support Ukrainians in need.”Theo Schnitfink, Founder of Symphony Solutions.

  • 80th Air Assault Brigade

Since the start of the hybrid war in 2014, Symphony Solutions has been supporting the 80th Air Assault Brigade due to us having personal connections with the brigade through one of our Symphonians. We saw it as our duty and contribution to the fight for regaining a sovereign and peaceful Ukraine. When Russia started its full-scale attack on Ukraine, we knew that we needed to act fast. So, in just two and a half days, Symphonians raised a total of 301 364 UAH to cover all of the immediate needs of the brigade.

  • Unity Fund

This is a Fund for Symphonians and from Symphonians. It was set up as a way to help Symphonians who are willing to put on hold their work on the projects and join the Armed Forces of Ukraine and defend the country on the battlefield. Symphonians from other locations have also joined this initiative. Macedonian Symphonians even went as far as putting on hold all team-building activities and donating to the fund instead.

Currently, we have raised more than 50,000 EUR.

  • Symphony Solutions clients donated 220K EUR

Symphony Solutions clients stepped up and donated 50K EUR for the needs of Ukraine. Moreover, the teams on the client’s side matched the donation and raised an additional 50K EUR, and continued donating bringing the total sum of the donation to 220K EUR. This amazing generosity and care for Ukraine are truly humbling and inspiring.

And that’s not the limit to our clients’ big hearts. Since the first days of the war, many offered to relocate their teams located in Ukraine to Poland, Macedonia, Belgium, Germany, and even France.

Symphony Solutions clients donation

Our Brave Soldiers, Symphonians

With all the tremendous work that Ukrainian soldiers are doing to defend the right of Ukraine to exist in freedom and peace, Symphonians have focused on supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, what’s even more fantastic and admirable are the Symphonians who have set aside their projects, picked up arms, and went to fight for their country and loved ones.

In fact, Symphonians who have been mobilized to the army continue to receive compensation which is funded by the contributions to the Unity Fund of fellow Symphonians, clients and Symphony Solutions, understanding the gravity of the proverbial “feeding your own army”. Moreover, each of our soldiers is provided with a Symphony Security Package, which includes safety equipment, a first aid kit, and other specialized items as requested.

While our Symphonians are fulfilling their duty on the battlefield, we are supporting them with all we have, anxious for them to come back to their peaceful civil lives after the war.


Dattalion is the digital ‘data battalion’ that fights for truth. Created by Ukrainian women, the initiative has launched a database of photo and video evidence of russia’s war crimes in Ukraine, both on the frontlines and targeted civilian territories. Dattalion amplifies the truth and empowers global media to tell what is happening in Ukraine. 

A team of seven Symphonians joined the Dattalion initiative in the early days of the war. They helped create the ‘face’ of the initiative, designing its brand identity, building the website, and helping it establish a strong social media presence. Symphony Solutions provided its development and marketing services to Dattalion pro bono as part of the company’s charity initiatives for Ukraine. 

“Freedom fighter spirit is in my bloodline. With truthful information as my weapon, I believe I can help Ukraine to get closer to winning this unjustified, ruthless war.”

Valentyna Synenka
CMO at Symphony Solutions 

RebuildUA Project 

Symphony Solutions joined the initiative RebuildUA to help leverage innovations and AI technologies in creating an extensive database of satellite imaging and records of wartime damage in Ukraine. The project aims to prepare for the future restoration of the civilian infrastructure, which would require providing solid proof and reliable data reports in order to assess the situation and engage the global public, including communities, authorities, and specialized foundations. 

“We will take on a very special responsibility in this reconstruction. The time for reconstruction is coming, but we are getting ready now. On the same day I was in Kyiv, we started preparing to send construction machinery from Denmark to Ukraine.” 

Jeppe Koffod, Danish Foreign Minister 

Civil Healthcare and Combat Medicine Initiatives

People’s lives are our number one priority, even more so in times of war. That’s why we have started or participated in a number of initiatives to help prepare the civilians and medics for any emergency situations that may occur. Always hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

  • Manual for military medical personnel

Symphony Solutions collaborated with the Center for Education and Supply for Combat Medics, temporarily residing in the Lviv office. Symphonians provided their expertise and helped create a manual that will be used by military medical personnel.

Preserving human life and wellbeing is the most important mission under any circumstances.

Medical professionals cannot afford to lose their calm and risk breaking medical protocols. The aim of the manual is for the medical team to always have a concise reference guide at hand when they find themselves in a critical situation. The manual will help medics with retaining professional knowledge, regaining their skills in non-dominant areas, and let the medical team be prepared for any case scenario.

The project was initiated by the Foundation for Support of Reforms in Ukraine.

  • First aid training in the Lviv office

We have conducted first aid training for Symphonians and office guests currently staying in Lviv. The practical course focused on developing the most necessary skills in providing first aid – CPR, how to stop bleeding, basics of treating wounds, etc. Symphonians and office guests got a chance to brush up on general medical knowledge and practice first aid procedures on a mannequin.

  • Welcoming Doctors without Borders in Lviv office

We are truly humbled in these trying times by the support that we receive from all parts of the globe. Just like that, the team of the international medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières are now located in the Lviv office of Symphony Solutions. The volunteers of the organization are involved in helping people stricken by conflict, pandemics, or natural disasters. These are professional healthcare workers, logistic, and administrative staff. The volunteer team that has come to Ukraine is provided with a comfortable place to stay and office space that they can use for work, while they are performing their noble mission of helping Ukrainians afflicted by war.

  • Taking care of Ukrainians distraught by the war

Symphony Solutions cares about Symphonians’ mental health on any regular day. We have always offered free psychological consultations as a benefit. Now, as we are living in unprecedented times, the toll on the mental health of Symphonians in Ukraine seems unfathomable. One can never be quite prepared for the dread and anxiety that comes with war. Therefore, our corporate psychologists are always available for a personal talk. On top of that, regular group sessions Talk to Me are being conducted for Ukrainian Symphonians who need some extra support in dealing with the stress of wartime.

Symphonians Volunteer for Ukraine

While Symphony Solutions has launched numerous initiatives in the haste of time, Symphonians in Ukraine have taken upon them volunteering. These are fantastic people and top professionals who continue staying on top of their tasks and resist the stress and uncertainty of an active war. And still, they find the time and resources to do so much more than that! Supporting the army, joining territorial defense forces, evacuating refugees from the hot spots, helping orphanages, communicating with friends from abroad on how they too can contribute to our fight for good. Symphonians in Ukraine told their stories of how they volunteer and help out while they stay in the safety behind the backs of the brave Ukrainian warriors.

Our power is in unity and care for one another. Everyone needs to do something to bring our victory closer.Tetyana Slezinska, Service Delivery Manager at Symphony Solutions

Fighting on the Information Front

Symphony Solutions stands up against disinformation distress. Our “Marketing Army” stepped onto the information front with the mission to bring truth to the surface, fight misleading and harmful information, and disrupt the echo chambers of propaganda. We have initiated promo campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Our marketing campaigns target Europe and Belarus, to raise awareness and let the world know ways to help.

Our fight is silent but persistent!

Theo Schnitfink was interviewed by one of the largest Dutch media sources De Telegraaf, whose journalists Remco Geerdink and Mischa van Diepen visited Lviv. Symphony Solutions’ founder told them about the truth of this war that is tearing apart Ukraine and the importance of understanding the whole gravity of the situation.

To further support our commitment to the truth, Symphony Solutions is sponsoring an initiative that aims at gathering valid information about the war crimes of Russia in Ukraine and bringing it forth for the news media and every person in the world to witness.

We come together as a community to find peace of mind and mutual support in our struggles. That is how we become stronger in our unity. And it goes well beyond Ukraine, as we have now had the chance to see that there are caring and supportive people all around the globe, and first of all our Symphony Family.

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