Forbes Ukraine War Issue: How Symphony Solutions Helps Ukrainian Refugees 

Forbes Ukraine War Issue: How Symphony Solutions Helps Ukrainian Refugees 

Forbes.UA, in a special wartime issue dedicated to the state of Ukrainian war refugees fleeing to Europe, asked IT companies about their response to the sudden and unprecedented attack on the independent state of Ukraine. Symphony Solutions Founder and CEO, Theo Schnitfink provided his comment to Forbes.UA about the company’s efforts to help the war-torn Ukraine, where the company has its largest European office in Lviv.

Symphony Solutions has opened its Lviv office to Ukrainians, fleeing the dangerous regions. Theo Schnitfink stayed in the shelter for four days to make sure that the place is set up with comfort and all the necessary amenities for the refugees.

“We are helping people find apartments in Ukraine or Poland,”

said Valentina Synenka, CMO at Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions shelter in Lviv has welcomed over a hundred refugees. For a while, it also became the office of the international humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders. The company organized shelters in two other offices in Poland, Krakow and Rzeszow. The shelters welcome people to stay overnight or for a few days.

Since the start of war, Symphony Solutions has raised 800,000 EUR in support of Ukraine’s fight for freedom, with charity initiatives set into action on multiple frontiers. We provide financial and humanitarian aid, informational support, cooperate with international organizations on bringing forth the importance of preserving Ukraine as a strong and sovereign state. Learn more about Symphony Solutions’ initiatives.


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