Symphony Solutions “Stand by Ukraine” Supports National Rehabilitation Center of Ukraine


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Symphony Solutions is among the first businesses to have supported the healthcare initiative to provide medical care and rehabilitation services.

Symphony Solutions is honored to be among the first five companies to endorse this project. The company has already donated 100,000 euros of its own profits as well as funds raised by the Stand by Ukraine charity initiative that will be allocated to purchasing diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment. We have also successfully purchased the two available bionic hand prosthetics created using AI technologies developed by Esper Bionics, an American company with Ukrainian origin. The lightweight self-learning prosthetics will serve as a way to help amputees get back their quality of life and independence. Realistic and high-tech, they leverage AI and enable the patients to regain function and fine motor skills to perform such everyday tasks as writing, playing sports, using tools, etc.

Symphony selected to support one of the biggest rehabilitation centers in Europe, called UNBROKEN, which is going to be built in Lviv, the first of many to come all across Ukraine. We are committed to investing all of this year’s profits in this noble cause. We have selected initially for this initiative a hospital in Lviv because of its convenient location, which meant that we would be able to visit in person, talk to the patients and doctors, know their immediate needs, and thus provide better help. This way it becomes personal and intimate – which is one of our core values at Symphony Solutions – and we can do more than just donating money. We are very happy to be a part of this.

Theo Schnitfink, Founder and CEO of Symphony Solutions

About “Stand by Ukraine” Charity Initiative

Stand by Ukraine was created by Symphony Solutions in the first days of the war in Ukraine as a charity initiative and later set up as foundation, that aims at fundraising donations and helping purchase life-saving medical equipment, protective gear, and humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian military and civilians caught up in the senseless war against Russia.

About National Rehabilitation Center UNBROKEN Ukraine

UNBROKEN is the National Rehabilitation Center for the Ukrainians wounded in the war against Russia, that will be created within the First Territorial Medical Association in Lviv with the support of the Ministry of Health in Ukraine. The rehabilitation center will provide physical care, including reconstructive surgeries, prosthesis care and manufacturing, as well as psychological and social rehabilitation to help patients fully reintegrate into society.