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Symphony Solutions Launches “Stand by Ukraine” Charity Initiative
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Symphony Solutions Launches “Stand by Ukraine” Charity Initiative

Symphony Solutions “Stand by Ukraine” charity initiative is dedicated to raising funds and providing humanitarian and emergency aid to Ukraine.

As you are reading this, Ukraine is in the midst of a senseless war, which has disrupted the normal way of life – infrastructure, postal services, commerce. Ukrainians may be fine with provisions for now, but we can’t be sure about tomorrow. We refuse to wait till tomorrow. We take up initiative in purchasing emergency aids and shipping them off to Ukraine right now. Let’s make it so that there is a tomorrow.

Why we have launched this initiative

Symphony Solutions is a Dutch IT company with delivery centers around Europe, but its biggest one is in Lviv, Ukraine. That should have said it all, yet there is so much more to it.

Symphony Solutions has been operating in Ukraine since 2008, but our heartfelt relationship with the country started a long time before that, ever since Theo Schnitfink, founder and CEO, first had the idea to take his great vision of a company to this country and let the talented Ukrainian IT crowd bring it to fruition.

From the beginning I wanted to work in Ukraine because then it was the simplest of all countries located in this region and outside the European Union. […] As for the choice of the city, I had only two criteria: it had to have an airport and it had to be a university city. And Lviv met those requirements.

Theo Schnitfink, Founder and CEO of Symphony Solutions, Forbes interview, 2018

History repeats itself

We have been through so much together. We hoped that the horror would be maintained and stagnate in 2014. It was then that Russia first started showing its aggression towards Ukraine and weaving lies about the nature of the conflict. For eight years, Ukraine was forced into a hybrid war. Ukrainians never asked for it, but Russia has a track record.

Since the start of the hybrid war of 2014, Symphony Solutions has been supporting the 80th Air Assault Brigade and donating to their needs. It was our duty and contribution to the fight for regaining a sovereign and peaceful Ukraine.

Then, February 24th happened. Since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, Symphony Solutions has doubled and tripled its charitable activities. Now, as Ukraine is fighting off the aggressive and unprovoked attack, we can’t stand in the back and watch the world begin to fall into ashes.

support ukraine

Some of our latest initiatives

We take action immediately. Symphony Solutions couldn’t stay idle and watch as Ukrainian’s suffering seemed to be doubling by the hour. Here are some of the already undertaken initiatives:

35K€ raised among Symphonains in a few days
Symphonians and the company collectively raised over 35K euros as emergency help to support the 80th Air Assault Brigade, the Unity Fund created for the sake of Symphonians, who joined the army or territorial defence force, and for other urgent needs.  We continue running the fundraiser internally and allocate the funds to further support various charity causes and the Ukrainian Army.

Profit donated

The company decided to donate all profits generated in Ukraine.

This is the time to stand by Ukraine and Ukrainians. Symphony decided to donate all profits made in Ukraine to Ukrainians in need. We hope you will follow and support our cause.

Theo Schnitfink, Dutch Founder of Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions has turned its Lviv office into a shelter for people being displaced by the war. Close to 100 people from Kyiv, Kharkiv, and other Ukrainian cities have stayed there and were provided with a comfortable bed, hot food, and all the necessities. We help transport Symphonians and their families (women and children) over the border with Poland, where they get assistance with temporary apartments or permanent relocation. Poland offices in Kraków and Rzeszow are in the process of being turned into safety shelters and will be welcoming people in the nearest time.

It’s a war on truth
Disinformation distress is wreaking havoc all over the internet. Standing up for truth and stopping the lies is another fight worth having. Since day one of the escalation, we have been launching promo campaigns aimed at Europe and Belarus to bring awareness of the situation and raise funds for Ukrainian Army. Our next campaign is asking for a ‘green corridor’ to evacuate Ukrainians trapped in Volnovakha, Schastia, Nova Kakhovka, and other cities. This fight will be silent but we are persistent.

These are just some of our initiatives. Symphonians are volunteering and dedicating their time to helping displaced Ukrainians with transportation, informational support, working at volunteer centers, and just being there as an extra pair of helping hands. We are strong and united!

Donate to Symphony Solutions charity initiative “Stand by Ukraine” and contribute to providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.