How a Monitor Saved the Life of Ukraine’s Defender: Symphony Solutions Charity Initiative With Angel Fund
How a Monitor Saved the Life of Ukraine’s Defender: Symphony Solutions Charity Initiative With Angel Fund
How a Monitor Saved the Life of Ukraine’s Defender: Symphony Solutions Charity Initiative With Angel Fund

How a Monitor Saved the Life of Ukraine’s Defender: Symphony Solutions Charity Initiative With Angel Fund

Symphony Solutions has been a strong supporter of Ukraine, ever since life took a drastic turn for many Ukrainians on February 24th, 2022. Many of you were following us on this important mission and cheering for our numerous charity initiatives, whether we were providing shelter to war refugees, or hosting charity auctions in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

However, could we have hoped to take part in a real-life miracle? Yet, this is what happened when earlier this year one of the monitors donated by Symphony Solutions took a hit saving the life of a Ukrainian defender, currently defending his country in the frontlines. We have invited to Symphony Solutions Lviv location chaplain Ruslan Tsekhmeister and charity foundation volunteer Stephania Khomiak, who personally took part in setting up an unlikely miracle in the frontlines. Let’s dive into this incredible story! 


How Symphony Solutions Teamed up with Angel Fund 

It started in a rather trivial way, when Symphony Solutions Lviv office was left with a lot of spare equipment after its downsizing due to going fully virtual. After some of the devices were sold in a charity auction or purchased by Symphonians, Anton Sardyga, IT Specialist at Symphony Solutions, noticed that there were still many left in storage collecting dust. Since the start of the full-scale invasion, policies were put in place, which made it possible to collect and donate equipment. Anton didn’t know how to do it exactly, but he personally knew Stephania and was aware of her work for the charity fund. 

Angel Fund has been operating in Ukraine since 2017, mainly providing support to children with cancer. When the full-scale war struck, the charity foundation immediately picked up the line of support for the Ukrainian defenders. One such way was to provide necessary equipment in a timely manner by seeking out companies operating in Ukraine who could spare some of their used equipment and satisfy the requests coming from the frontlines. Angel Fund volunteers support military divisions working on different locations, many originally recruited in Lviv. 

Anton and Stephania formed a request, organized the first donation, and carried on. Gradually, we built a strong network of support. 

We were able to donate to the frontline monitors, printers, network equipment, the list goes on. Around 70 monitors, three servers, three printers, over 20 laptops. More devices went to hospitals and an orphanage – a big-screen TV, two laptops, and some monitors. 

Anton Sardyga
Anton Sardyga
IT Specialist at Symphony Solutions

How a Computer Monitor Took a Bullet for Ukraine

The equipment donated by Symphony Solutions diligently served the 106th Brigade of the Slaviansk TRO, stationed in Avdiivka, for barely two weeks, when an attack happened. The place where the military were positioned was considered relatively set. Then one day the russians detected the positions and started an attack, demolishing the street where they were stationed. Sergeant Duke from Odesa was working at the moment and even captured it on camera. The hit wave shifted the monitor and took the piece of shrapnel, protecting sergeant. Later, chaplain Ruslan received a message from Duke, retelling the story. Startled at first, he asked if they kept the monitor. Having left the site of the attack by that time, Duke indeed took care to bring the monitor as a keepsake and even signed it with a marker. The lifesaving monitor is now kept in a warehouse and most likely will be sold for charity. 

Sergeant Duke volunteered to join the territorial defense units. He has been fighting alongside his brothers in battle since 2014, some even went through captivity. These people are in the very front of the fight, protecting their homes. These are patriots who know exactly what they are fighting for. After the lifesaving incident, Duke got married to a priest’s daughter and returned to service, now fighting near Avdiivka. 

It’s not a single story. This happens. A generator was hit, a phone stopped a bullet, a Bible that soldiers carry in their pockets. A monitor, however, was a surprise. We couldn’t even imagine it because this equipment is for work. So, this was unexpected, although not the first incident. As unbelievable as it is, these miracles happen. 

Ruslan Tsekhmeister

The Fight Continues, and So Does Our Unwavering Support

Symphony Solutions will continue to support the people of Ukraine in their fight for as long as it takes. And you too can change a life without as much as stepping away from your laptop. Join us in supporting Ukraine and learn more about our charity foundation Stand by Ukraine or read about our other charity initiatives or personal stories of volunteers. 

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