Theo Schnitfink on Forbes:  Exploring the Business Competitive Advantage of Amazon’s RedShift and Google’s BigQuery  


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In his Forbes Technology Council column, Theo Schnitfink, CEO and chairman at Symphony Solutions, evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of RedShift and BigQuery in the race to unify enterprise data using cloud DWHs. Find out which comes out on top! 

The growing need for data-driven insights in every business process will boost the global data warehousing market to $51.18 billion by 2028. With cloud-based data warehouse solutions, organizations can tap into transformative business benefits that extend to enhanced customer segmentation, increased collaboration, and efficiency between departments, informed decision-making processes, and streamlined HR management.  

To mitigate security concerns, which hinder 57% of organizations from adopting cloud-based data warehouses, business leaders often turn to robust and proven platforms like RedShift and BigQuery. These powerhouses boast robust data encryption, access controls, and auditing functionalities, as well as incident response and recovery measures and comprehensive compliance. 

But don’t think that these cloud-based platforms are all the same. Far from it. RedShift and BigQuery both offer unique and specific competitive advantages. BigQuery is the king of real-time and interactive queries, while RedShift’s user-friendly interface is second to none when it comes to seamless adoption. Both platforms require a solid investment in training and support, and establishing stringent data governance is essential for comprehensive data security. 

Want to stay ahead of the curve and learn more about the RedShift vs. BigQuery comparison? Dive into Theo Schnitfink’s article for expert insights and best practices. Here is a short article recap:  

  • BigQuery leads in real-time and interactive queries  
  • RedShift offers a more user-friendly interface for seamless adoption  
  • Investing in training and support is necessary for both RedShift and BigQuery  
  • Establishing data governance is key to guaranteeing all-around data security  

Get the full story, visit Theo’s article on RedShift vs. BigQuery comparison to stay updated and make informed decisions.