Forbes Article by Theo Schnitfink: How Technology Puts the ‘Care’ in Healthcare

Forbes Article by Theo Schnitfink: How Technology Puts the ‘Care’ in Healthcare

Theo Schnitfink, CEO and Founder of Symphony Solutions, shares his thoughts on the role of cloud computing during the pandemic at Forbes Technology Council

Over the last couple of years, the healthcare industry has been under a lot. What with the pandemic, and the incredible strain it has put on the system in the aftermath, the pressure of rapid vaccine development, and issues with an effective response to COVID-19. And even before 2020, the industry has had enough on its plate – much-needed digital transformation, telehealth adoption, not to mention worries over cybersecurity.

But as a silver lining the COVID-19 challenges have led to a speedier digitalization of the industry and one of the cental roles in this process belongs to cloud computing.

A short article recap:

  • The adoption of cloud computing has accelerated. What was planned to achieved in 10 years is now a 3-year goal;
  • Cloud offers numerous advantages, such as improve IT infrastructure, reduce costs, speed up innovation and much more;
  • However, the transition does come with a few challenges, some of the most serious are: security, compliance, culture shift;
  • There are numerous healthcare organizations from testing facilities, vaccine development companies to hospital that are successfully leveraging cloud’s capabilities which not only helps their business but also leaves a huge social impact and helps healthcare live up to its name by putting the ‘care’ in healthcare.

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