Why Gender Balance? Why Symphony Solutions?
Why Gender Balance? Why Symphony Solutions?
Why Gender Balance? Why Symphony Solutions?

Why Gender Balance? Why Symphony Solutions?

What Tipped in 2018

Many have written quite elegantly about the effects and contributions of women in professional environments. And many others have shared studies about positive changes in government and business as a result of women in leadership roles. But women in leadership roles declined globally in 2018 (Grant Thornton: Beyond Policy to Progress, 2018). Additionally, The World Economic Forum in November, 2017 reported:

The industries most lacking in women hires for leadership roles in 2017 include manufacturing, energy and mining, software and IT services, finance, real estate, corporate services, and legal.

Since Symphony Solutions competes in the software and IT services sector, it seems relevant, not to wail about inequities, but to celebrate the policy practiced at the company since its inception 10 years ago.

Why Gender Balance

Founder and CEO Theo Schnitfink envisioned a company which reflects the feeling of natural balance when men and women are in equal number. He saw it as more harmonious and comfortable. He has held to that, and employees are reaping the results. Women at Symphony Solutions do not feel pressure to prove their equality, in intellect or output, to that of men. That equality is understood from the beginning. This means that they are free to do their jobs and do them well just like their cohorts. Nor do men feel competition from or resistance to women as equal and respected colleagues.

equal pay for equal work

This attitude is reflected throughout the company. The Leadership Team is 52% women, especially significant because the Leadership Team is comprised of department heads, team leads, agile training experts, and others.

women leadership

Further, equal pay for equal work has never even been an objective, something to work toward or achieve. It is rather an assumption and a habit. It is not even thought of or discussed. It just is.

What’s Happening in Ukraine

Symphony Solutions is headquartered in The Netherlands with delivery centers in Ukraine, Poland and Macedonia. In Ukraine, home of their largest office, the technology community is 20% women. Until society and local business can attract more women into computer science and software engineering, these functions will remain male dominated.

What else is male dominated in Ukraine, however, is salaries. A compensation gap is present, even in areas such as HR where women are effective and well-respected, with a 60% gap in pay for equal jobs. QA, Team Leads and Project Manager positions see a 25 – 35% gap. Only Business Analysis and Software Engineering roles have more equal salary distribution.

These numbers seem to make the Symphony Solutions practice of Zero Pay Gap even more notable.

salaries in IT Ukraine

It’s All in the Culture

The Symphony Solutions culture is seen by employees as the deciding factor which separates the company from others. Gender balance is part of that culture. Benefits which distinctly appeal to women support gender equality. And the Agile-driven, flat management style contributes to the open friendly culture. Management has long said, “It’s not what we do, but how we do it that is differentiating.” This statement pays homage to successful competitors for their equal skill in delivering quality results to demanding clients. But Symphony Solutions’ style and culture are palpably, attitudinally, and practically different. This culture puts people first, in recognition of the value of their most important asset. Employees, then, transfer that respect and care toward service of the business, which then prospers and grows.

What’s Next

Symphony Solutions continues active participation in events aimed at women. One such event is the SHE. Series, which features prominent women in varied fields and their struggles and successes. The first such event in July, 2018 welcomed Oksana Lyniv, conductor of The Opera and Philharmonic in Graz, Austria and founder and conductor of the MozArt Festival in Lviv. The second on 16th November features Katerina Kit- Sadova, artist, mother of 5 boys, and wife of Lviv city Mayor.

Please click here for future events in LvivKrakow, and Skopje.