IGaming Business Webinar on Driving Casino Yield With AI Technologies


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Living in a modern world calls for modern solutions, one such being adopting AI and smart technologies in an attempt to revolutionize online casino experience. Hyper-personalisation and customization are aimed to please and cater to the needs of even the most demanding customers. The old approach of offering bonuses and in-game perks no longer excites a long-time player who’s bombarded with the “best offers” and “free spins” at every turn of the corner. 

A personalised casino experience can be a major factor for growth and customer retention, delivering highly customized content, crafted and moulded to fit the customer’s specific needs and preferences. 

Damien Evans

Damien Evans

CEO and Co-founder of Graphyte AI
Pioneered the use of personalisation in gaming and betting and continues to stand at the forefront of AI adoption in the iGaming industry.

Eduardo A dos Remedios

VP of iGaming at Symphony Solutions
A true leader and veteran in the iGaming industry, he has contributed to the success of numerous brands and operators throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Maria Grigorova

Customer Journey Optimisation Manager for GVC Gaming Brands
Passionate about everything involving optimisation, she has spent over 13 years leading the way for some of the biggest brands in the world of iGaming.