Krakow: Moving Office

Krakow: Moving Office

We’re coming to you with an update on the long-anticipated new office launch in Krakow. Symphony Solutions is taking Krakow by storm. We’re excited to welcome Symphonians in the new office this Monday, June 22nd!

Having established our presence in Krakow back in 2018, now we’re finally ready to move into a new and spacious office building with plenty of room to “work and play”.

In sync with the traditional Symphony Solutions “stylebook”, the office space is designed to take you on a trip to the Netherlands, the original home and heart of the company. We’ve recreated our very own Dutch village of Zaanse Schans with its wooden houses and wind-mills, which has already become an iconic theme for all office locations.

The interior of each meeting room is decorated in a unique way to celebrate Dutch art, popular culture and traditions. Many rooms are twins of the ones we have in other delivery centres, like the Heineken room or the Mondrian room, which in Krakow is designed to look like a glass cube, and the beloved Old Amsterdam cafe. One addition that Symphonians will surely appreciate are elevators with doors resembling the entrance to a coffee shop.

With some finishing touches left to go, the new office location is already looking very much like our own little Dutch Krakow and has already welcomed the first residents – the life-size Dutch Friesian cow statues, which are a signature look of Symphony Solutions.

We are positive that this will be our most advanced office in style and functionality!

Our office is unique and gives our people a sense of Togetherness and Safety in this challenging time. We are bringing basics back to our daily life and feel much closer to mother nature. Better and safer workplace starts here!

Come and join us and experience the feel of simplicity, comfort and organic healthy office life.

Sunny Vashishtha, Site Lead, Krakow