SHE. Talks: Building a Financially Secure Future
SHE. Talks: Building a Financially Secure Future
SHE. Talks: Building a Financially Secure Future

SHE. Talks: Building a Financially Secure Future

Spring is a season of new beginnings and the perfect time to refresh your financial strategies. The SHE. community invites you to join us online for an insightful discussion on how to build a financially secure future through investment, savings, and wealth management. Join us on June 6, 6 PM, as we explore smart financial practices that can empower you to manage your finances with confidence and grace. 

Financial security is not just about making more money; it’s about making smarter decisions with the resources you have. We have invited Kostiantyn Komarov and Juan Jose Torres Zamora to share their insights and personal journeys toward financial independence through smart spending, strategic investing, and effective wealth management. 

Register today and take a significant step towards mastering your financial security!  

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Essential Financial Principles: Understand the foundational concepts behind smart spending, savings, and wealth management that can lead to lasting financial security. 
  • Investment Strategies for Everyone: Learn about diverse investment opportunities suitable for various financial stages and goals, from beginners to seasoned investors. 
  • Effective Wealth Management Techniques: Gain insights into wealth management practices that help you preserve and grow your financial assets over time. 
  • Practical Budgeting Tips: Discover actionable budgeting strategies that can help you manage daily expenses and save more efficiently. 
  • Technology in Financial Planning: Explore how modern tools and apps can simplify financial management, enhance decision-making, and automate savings and investments. 
  • Overcoming Financial Challenges: Hear firsthand accounts of financial adversities and learn strategies that our panelists used to navigate these situations successfully. 
  • Motivational Insights for Financial Growth: Find out what keeps financial experts motivated and how you can stay inspired to pursue your financial goals despite uncertainties. 

Meet our speakers:

Kostiantyn Komarov- she-speaker

Kostiantyn Komarov

Head of Corporate Systems at Symphony Solutions  

With over two decades of finance and accounting systems experience, Kostiantyn brings a wealth of expertise. Armed with a master’s degree in Finance, he showcases proficiency and commitment to industry trends. Beyond work, Kostiantyn fosters financial literacy within his family, highlighted by his daughter’s role as the Finance minister at her school.

Juan Jose Torres Zamora-she-speaker

Juan Jose Torres Zamora

Lead Test Automation Engineer at Symphony Solutions

An expert in automation technologies and software testing, Juan’s also an entrepreneur, Udemy instructor, and loving father of three. Passionate about finance, he actively promotes financial literacy and empowerment. Through interests in Japanese culture and language, Juan embodies a holistic approach to personal and financial growth.

SHE. Talks Moderator: Shyrli Korman, Community Lead at Symphony Solutions  

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain critical insights and practical advice. Equip yourself with the tools you need to create a secure financial foundation.  

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When & Where

June 06, 2024

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