Creating Vibrant Brand Identity for SHE. Community 

Creating Vibrant Brand Identity for SHE. Community 

Industry: MarTech
Location: Ukraine
Client since: 2018
Values and mission reflected in design
Recognizable online presence
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Digital marketing Experience Design
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A well-defined brand identity not only resonates with the target audience but also embodies the organization’s values, fostering recognition and loyalty. Symphony Solutions provides Experience Design Services to help you build effective communication, supported by cohesive design elements and visual language. 



SHE. is a community for women with a mission to empower them, encourage networking, and promote gender equality. The organization aims to help women find their voices, broaden their skills, and gain self-confidence. SHE. believes that when women succeed, everyone benefits. 


SHE. needed a strong brand identity and online presence to connect with its target audience and grow its community. The organization needed a website, social media visuals, and merchandise to create a cohesive and recognizable brand. 

SHE. got the branding that embodies the essence and principles of our community — a fusion of strength and grace. Not overtly feminine, yet universally compelling, it resonates with both men and women, encapsulating the shared spirit that unites us all. 

Valentina Synenka
CMO at Symphony Solutions


Symphony Solutions team took on a holistic approach to create a strong brand identity for the SHE. community, taking the client through the entire process from idea generation to creating a marketing strategy that would help the community carry their message and establish a compelling online presence. 

  • Conducted ICP and value proposition workshops. 
  • Created a new brand identity and logo for SHE., incorporating elements that reflect the organization’s values and mission. 
  • Designed a website that is user-friendly and visually appealing, with clear calls to action and a focus on community engagement.  
  • Developed a visual style guide for different channels of communication to ensure consistency across all marketing materials.  
  • Designed and produced merchandise to align with the new brand identity. 

Symphony Solutions team continues working with SHE. community creating all social media visuals that stay true to the established brand identity and help them carry out their mission with consistency and commitment to high-quality content.

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The new brand identity and website helped SHE. connect with its target audience and grow its community. The organization’s online presence became more cohesive and recognizable, leading to increased engagement and interest from women looking to be a part of the SHE. community. The new brand identity and visual style also helped SHE. stand out in a crowded market and establish a unique identity.