Next-Level Brand Experience Design & ROI-focused Marketing for Byrival  

Next-Level Brand Experience Design & ROI-focused Marketing for Byrival  

Industry: Fintech
Location: The Netherlands
Client since: 2012
Boosted global user engagement
Increased conversion rates
Expanded international clientele
Services used
Digital marketing Experience Design
Technologies used


Byrival, a respected global debt collection agency, partnered with Symphony Solutions, a trusted partner. Building on a partnership spanning over a decade, Symphony Solutions had previously assisted Byrival with initial branding and marketing efforts. Initially the goal was simple website branding and experience design. However, recognizing the broader potential, Symphony Solutions proposed a comprehensive approach, incorporating brand design and marketing strategy, including SEO optimization. Leveraging its expertise in software development, marketing, and seasoned UX designers, Symphony Solutions embarked on the project with confidence.  

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Byrival specializes in global B2B debt collection, offering services on a “No cure = No pay” basis. With over two decades of experience and 300+ clients worldwide, the company resolves 95% of the successful cases amicably. It prioritizes personalized service, ensuring clients feel valued with dedicated contacts for each case. Furthermore, emphasizing integrity, customer focus, responsibility, and professionalism, Byrival is committed to transparent and respectful dealings, aiming to deliver the best results and service rather than being the largest in the field. 


Initially, Byrival approached Symphony Solutions with the intent of merely rebranding their website to support their global expansion efforts. However, recognizing the broader potential to significantly enhance Byrival’s market position, Symphony Solutions proposed a more comprehensive approach. This strategy not only included rebranding website design, but also aimed to improve Byrival’s inbound marketing to increase visibility and discoverability. The enhanced plan covered several critical areas essential for the project’s success: 

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Boost Your Website Traffic
and Conversions with Proven
SEO and Marketing strategies

  • Brand Perception: They needed to tweak Byrival’s branding and UI design to appeal to different countries while maintaining the core values that made them successful domestically. 
  • Low website conversion: Byrival did not have an inbound marketing strategy, their online visibility was low, and it was difficult to attract a global audience. 
  • Regulatory Diversities: The website had to be flexible enough to meet the specific legal requirements of each country while remaining fully compliant. 
  • Competitive Differentiation: Standing out against well-established global competitors demanded expert customer experience design consulting services and implementation of an innovative UI design solution.  


To address Byrival’s challenges, Symphony Solutions implemented a strategic plan focusing on UI design solutions and marketing efforts. Here’s a concise summary of the actions taken: 

Design enhancements: 

  • Conducted in-depth research and competitor analysis to understand international markets. 
  • Redesigned Byrival’s website user experience to make it more intuitive and engaging. 
  • Adapted the website’s design and content to align with each market’s unique debt collection practices and legal standards. 

Marketing enhancements: 

  • Marketing Research and Competitors Analysis: For understanding market dynamics and audience preferences, informing tailored content and differentiation strategies. 
  • Website Architecture Drafting: Focusing on creating a user- and SEO-friendly structure, aligning with clients’ intents and business goals to enhance findability and conversion rates. 
  • SEO Research and Content Drafting: We merged in-depth keyword research and content creation with tailored, localized landing pages. This strategy aimed to meet specific audience needs and significantly boost Byrival’s search engine rankings. Our careful analysis and targeted content approach underline the effectiveness of precise SEO tactics in enhancing web visibility across diverse markets. 
  • Website Analytics Setup: For tracking success through KPIs like traffic and conversion rates, enabling data-driven adjustments to optimize marketing efforts. 
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Effortlessly Engage
and Convert with Strategic
Brand Experience Design


Authoritative Brand Identity

The new website design and branding resonated across markets, highlighting Byrival’s global reach and local expertise. 

Partner with Symphony Solutions for design services that promise the same clarity and impact seen with BYRIVAL.

Enhanced Website Engagement

Custom landing pages for target countries significantly boosted user experience, directly addressing regional needs. 

Let Symphony Solutions craft your digital identity with our proven design and marketing expertise, as seen with Byrival

Increased Lead Generation

Targeted landing pages spurred a surge in international inquiries, signaling successful global outreach. 

Effective Market Penetration

Culturally tailored and compliant messaging enabled ByRival to make significant inroads into new markets. 

Client Base Expansion

The branding and user experience optimization led to substantial growth in Byrival’s international clientele, marking its successful shift to a global service provider. 

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