Striking a Chord with Symphony Solutions’ Dynamic Rebrand 

Striking a Chord with Symphony Solutions’ Dynamic Rebrand 

Industry: IT
Location: Europe
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Explore Symphony Solutions’ strategic rebranding journey, emphasizing the integral role of music in their brand identity.

Discover how we preserved our core values while embracing innovation, transforming our visual identity, enhancing communication channels, and fostering a strong brand presence.



Symphony Solutions is far more than an ordinary IT company. It stands as a distinguished brand that embodies intimacy, integrity, and collaboration.

These fundamental principles are deeply woven into our organization, guiding our every action, both internally and in our client interactions.

Through the embodiment of our values, Symphony Solutions has solidified its reputation as a trusted brand synonymous with reliability, quality, and an unwavering dedication to providing extraordinary IT solutions.



As our company grows, embraces new, exciting challenges and transitions into an anywhere mode, our values and aspirations evolve along the way. To stay relevant in a dynamic market, we’ve recognized an important step we need to take to restyle and redesign our existing brand.  

We aim to preserve the equity of our established brand and an identity that is as harmonious and captivating as the music we proudly associate with our company. But at the same time infuse it with a fresh, contemporary look that is people oriented.


First, there was music. It stands as our primary competitive advantage over other companies in the industry. We tried to integrate music as an integral part of our branding and philosophy. 


“Simplicity forms the foundation of complexity. When creating new meanings and contexts, it is vital to preserve these simple elements: forms, words, colors, and ideas. They hold the utmost importance, serving as the core around which more complicated structures are woven, akin to a delicate lace of robust and inseparable bonds.”

Iryna Kalyn
Senior Experience Designer 

 As we set out to give Symphony Solutions a fresh look, we conducted the following activities: 

2022 Communications and Brand Audit for Symphony Solutions 

We initiated an audit of our communications and brand appearance, conducting a thorough assessment of their effectiveness in the market. This comprehensive evaluation included analyzing our messaging, visual representation, and tone of voice. We identified the strengths and weaknesses of our current visuals and communication style. These findings were preserved for comparison with future insights and strategic plans of the company in subsequent stages. 


Competitor Visual Analysis 

Furthermore, we conducted a thorough competitor analysis to gain valuable insights into the strategies employed by other industry players. In addition to studying competitors within our industry, we also examined companies from diverse sectors that possess distinctive branding strategies, a unique tone of voice, and core values. 


As a crucial component of the audit, we performed a visual competitor analysis to evaluate the visual elements and design choices adopted by our competitors. This assessment provided us with valuable information to identify areas for improvement and served as a source of inspiration to enhance the appearance and distinctiveness of the Symphony Solutions brand. 

carl jung quote

Brand Archetype Identification 

In order to establish a clear direction for the Symphony Solutions brand, it was crucial to identify a suitable brand archetype that would serve as a guiding framework to define the brand’s personality and positioning, ensuring consistency in messaging and visual elements across various channels. 

After careful consideration, we identified both a main archetype – Creator and a background archetype – Explorer. Creator represents our creativity, inspiration, innovation, and desire to push the boundaries of what is possible in their industry. While Explorer aligns with our adventurous spirit, courage, and open-mindedness.  

This approach provides flexibility in tailoring our communication to different audiences, such as B2B and B2C. Through a thorough analysis, we ensured that these archetypes align with our desired tone of voice, goals, approaches, and strategies, allowing us to fully integrate them into the essence of our brand. 

Brand Workshops and Visual Direction 

 Brainstorming workshops were focused on envisioning the ideal company that each participant wished to be a part of. Through engaging exercises, such as associating favorite music, movies, cars, colors, and more, contextual and associative clusters were created to form the core of our branding strategy. 


Following the audit and workshops, we identified key clusters of brand associations to pinpoint the essential attributes, values, and emotions that we aimed to evoke in our target audience.  

We identified three distinct visual directions that cater to our diverse needs. The first and second directions are intended for brand awareness and recruitment communication, showcasing the ability to work from anywhere, the concept of workation, and a vibrant community engaging in favorite activities outdoors. These visuals emphasize authenticity, featuring real employees in lively photos, videos, and animations. 


The third visual direction is focused specifically on B2B communication. It is designed for articles, case studies, events, and adding a personal touch to the interactions. It combines associative and concise images related to the themes of nature and technology, creating a compelling visual narrative.


Retaining our main slogan, “Write code like music,” we maintain a distinctive way of thinking and approach within our company. Music serves as a remarkable instrument, encompassing diversity, variety, rhythm, organization, freedom, and unity.

Valentina Synenka
Chief Marketing Officer at Symphony Solutions


The result of the rebranding efforts at Symphony Solutions was a comprehensive transformation of the company’s visual identity and communication channels (social media, corporate signatures, promo banners, website updates, Spotify accounts).  

This strategic rebranding aligns with our company’s latest developmental focus, marking a significant transition to the anywhere mode and reflecting the evolution of our vision and values. 

With these changes recently implemented, we anticipate a wave of tangible business results that will further reinforce the impact of our rebranding efforts.  

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