“Your Loyalty is Our Biggest Asset!”

“Your Loyalty is Our Biggest Asset!”

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People build up the foundation to every company for many a reason. When a person grows and evolves alongside the company, feels encouraged in their professional endeavors, it buds a feeling of belonging. An employer is more than a “human resource”. Loyal employees are the backbone of any enterprise. For that reason, many companies have long adopted a tradition of celebrating milestones and rewarding their employees for every year spent with the company.



Symphony Solutions sees its employees as something more than “resources” – they are the core of business. The company highly values building a strong relationship within the teams and across the company, based on trust and fueled by the company core values. Loyalty program is a way to celebrate Symphonians’ milestones and show appreciation for their hard work and devotion to a common goal. Symphony Loyalty program is objectively generous compared to competitors.


Symphony Solutions Loyalty program has been put in place in 2017. However, even though Symphony offered a great range of gifts, both branded merchandize, privileges and exciting experiences, the Loyalty program lacked consistency across all touchpoints. 

The Design team faced the challenge to conduct an investigation in order to detect the fallouts of the currently instated Loyalty program and come up with ways to improve it. 


Symphony Solutions Design and Marketing teams applied Service Design to research and identify the issues with the Loyalty program visibility and execution, as well as come up with solutions. 

The Design team: 

1.Created customer journey with touchpoints to analyze how the Loyalty gifts find their way to Symphonians, starting from production to presentation.

2.Interviewed individual ERMs and Symphonians to get a first-hand account of people who should benefit from the Loyalty program.

Loyalty program creation process

A Service Design workshop was conducted aimed at further investigating the issues. Points to be addressed, as found out in the course of the investigation, could be classified into two categories – loyalty gifts and service delivery. As a result of this thorough research, the Design team detected points of friction and came up with possible solutions. 

Loyalty Program investigation coincided with the company rebranding so it was a convenient occasion to put the two together and have the new Loyalty Program represented in the new branding style and adhere to the new slogan “Write Code Like Music”. 

  • Simplify and optimize the delivery process. 
  • Offer Symphonians a certain degree of personalization in their choice of reward. Make sure that they get different gifts every year. 
  • Facilitated local manufacturing of branded merchandise to resolve delivery gaps. 
  • New music-related items as gifts (yearly subscription to Google Play Music or Apple Music; earbuds and portable speakers). 
Loyalty Trip to NY


  • Loyalty Program is more in line with the company brand. 
  • Internal survey showed that satisfaction with the Loyalty program improved by 12%. 
  • Symphonians want to use branded items more and even outside of work – T-shirts, rucksacks, eco-bags – which gives more visibility to the company. 
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