Symphony Solutions – among 50 Best Workplaces of 2017 by CIO Bulletin

Symphony Solutions – among 50 Best Workplaces of 2017 by CIO Bulletin

2017 is over, but we are still getting recognition for our work in the previous year. In its latest review, The CIO Bulletin magazine has listed Symphony Solutions among 50 Best Workplaces of 2017.

Symphony Solutions – among 50 Best Workplaces of 2017 by CIO Bulletin

The magazine highlighted the strive of Symphony Solutions to step back from the traditional hierarchical corporate norms and strict bureaucracy, which is well reflected in the motto: “COOL to work for, COOL to work with.” The magazine pointed out three main factors which make Symphony Solutions one of the best working places of 2017. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

Symphony Culture

Trust is the foundation at Symphony Solutions, and it didn’t go unnoticed to the CIO Bulletin’s reviewer. Being an Agile-driven company, we incorporate Agile mindset into all aspects of our corporate life. The company trusts Symphonians and knows that they are getting their job done without being constantly supervised. The company puts significant efforts into creating the best working conditions to keep people motivated and proactive. Symphonians have access to the extensive network of perks and benefits, flexible working hours and possibility to work from any part of the office.

Symphony Solutions Coworking Office
Symphony Solutions Office Space

The office itself is worth being mentioned. Its campus resembles a Dutch village Zaanse Schans. Decorated with windmills, tulips, bicycles and other traditional Dutch artifacts, it preserves a spirit of the cozy Dutch countryside.

Symphony Solutions Coworking Office
Symphony Solutions Coworking
Symphony Solutions office

Freshly brewed coffee and snacks are available at the Old Amsterdam Café which looks just like one of the brownie cafes somewhere in the downtown of Amsterdam.

Symphony Solutions Old Amsterdam cafe
Symphony Solutions Old Amsterdam cafe

It is a quite common saying here among Symphonians that working at Symphony Solutions is almost the Bahamas regarding the level of comfort and freedom.

Redefined Workplace

A comfortable office is just one of the multiple other aspects that make Symphony Solutions one of the Best Workplaces of 2017. We strive to redefine not just visual aspects but the whole perception of the working place. At Symphony Solutions we have eliminated complex management structure, so all colleagues share the same open space, and there is no difference between the desk of a manager or a junior level professional.

Symphony Solutions Office Space

Our hiring process earned a separate paragraph in the review. It is built with the principle “colleagues choose colleagues,” which means that besides technical interview each candidate should get positive feedbacks from his future colleagues as a cultural fit. We take cultural interview results very seriously as we are looking for people who share our values and can do their best without extra micromanagement and constant control. Such an approach assures a positive climate within the company and harmonious relationships among colleagues.

Employee Relationship Management

Establishing long-term relationships is very important at Symphony Solutions. This is why the traditional Human Resources Department has been renamed to Employee Relationship Management (ERM). Their task is to make sure every employee is provided with the best working conditions and opportunities for growth. ERM team is responsible for conducting one-to-one meetings to measure the satisfaction level and together with a Symphonian create a Personal Development Plan after regular Performance Reviews to encompass personal and professional growth goals.

Symphony Solutions Office Place

We highly encourage passion for learning and improving your skills. Symphony Academy Training department gives a chance to grow and develop new soft and technical skills. It also encourages our employees to take external courses and lessons from external providers.

Symphony Solutions Team Events
Symphony Solutions Events

All these factors are blended into one company with a unique culture, cozy office, and positive atmosphere and make Symphony Solutions the company which is really cool to work for.

“When you value your people, treat them with respect and provide them with the best working conditions, you become capable of attracting the right and the best talent in the industry. And when you have the best talent, you can also get the best customers and projects for the company.”

Theo Schnitfink, FOUNDER & CHAIRMAN of Symphony Solutions