Symphony Solutions joins the project to provide affordable Covid-19 testing in Europe


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As Covid-19 cases surge, medical systems and testing facilities struggle to keep up. The waiting time to get tested or receive results in some cases spiked from several days up to a week. Consequently, this resulted in numerous commercial rapid testing facilities. For healthcare system it is much needed increase in testing capabilities. At the same time, they offer patients with negative test reassurance and a chance at being able to return to normal life or go back to work. However, the price for these tests is often unreasonably high. But it doesn’t have to be.  

Symphony Solutions joined Spoedtestcorona as a development partner to provide affordable and safe testing for coronavirus to a larger amount of people. The service makes testing easily accessible by offering rapid screening tests at the drive through testing centers. It currently operates in the Netherlands and soon Belgium and provides an extremely reliable rapid test with results sent via email or SMS within 15 minutes. 

As a technical partner, Symphony managed to deliver a cross-platform web application on the market in record two weeks. The list of tasks that had to be completed included building an application integrated with test labs software capable to update available time slots for testing, and an admin portal for test lab employees to enable them uploading the test results, minimizing human mistake factor, while keeping the high level of compliance and data security. The application also had to be highly scalable, taking into account the need to serve corporate customers with thousands of employees to be processed. 

When the company opened its first testing facilities the price for a test was € 59 ex. VAT, which at the time was the cheapest price on the market. But their goal was to make coronavirus testing even more affordable and soon they were able to drop the price to € 49 ex. VAT. By offering rapid tests, Spoedtestcorona fills the gap that the government has created due to the shortage of rapid test capacity. Not only private individuals want quick updates on their health, there is a great demand from the business community for rapid tests to keep production going, among other things. By making the rapid tests available for both private individuals and companies at an affordable price, we contribute to both the control of the virus and the economy.   

Additionally, as a part of their mission of making mass Covid-19 testing affordable and attainable to a greater number of people, Spoedtestcorona offers free rapid tests to local divisions of Food Banks in the Netherlands and soon Belgium. Launching this initiative makes testing for coronavirus available to underprivileged who without a negative test wouldn’t be able to continue working. Symphony Solutions feels strongly about this important initiative of supporting struggling population and giving them an equal chance at protecting themselves against the virus and leading a normal life. 

“COVID-19 is the perfect acid test of company’s corporate social responsibility genuineness. In these difficult times, sustainable CSR funds should strive to create employment, entrepreneurship and ownership. We feel that by supporting Spoedtestcorona, we make our contribution to both the control of the virus and the economy,”

says Valentina Synenka, Chief Marketing Officer at Symphony Solutions.