Symphony Solutions Turns 10: Here is How We Celebrated!
Symphony Solutions Turns 10: Here is How We Celebrated!
Symphony Solutions Turns 10: Here is How We Celebrated!

Symphony Solutions Turns 10: Here is How We Celebrated!

2018 was a milestone in our journey. It was our 10th anniversary year. And all big milestones mean a celebration. Especially in the Symphony Solutions world, where one of our goals as a team is celebrating company achievements.

In January, we went all out to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. Over the course of 3 weeks, each location hosted their own art-themed party that brought over 700 people for a night of inspiration, fun and togetherness. We called it the X-Gala Ceremony.

X Gala Ceremony: The ART-Themed Party 

Since opening our doors back in 2008, we’ve started a tradition of hosting an annual grand party. Events like this are important for us especially because they reflect our company culture.

We threw 3 separate art-themed parties, honoring the 20th century artists such as Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, Karel Appel, Wassily Kandinsky and many more. The event organizers from Symphony created an art exhibition that featured paintings of local artists and sketch and one-line drawing artists who did hand-drawn quick portraits of our guests. They mingled in the crowd adding surprise and excitement and left our guests with a gift they’d never forget. Guests and Symphonians were greeted by hostesses who wore Mondrian face makeup.

The art installations, which were specially designed for the party, were inspired by the American sculptor Calder, best known for his innovative mobiles that embrace chance in their aesthetic and his monumental public sculptures.

X Gala Ceremony: The Celebration

Our first celebration party started in Skopje, then the second one followed in Krakow and the final one happened in Lviv. We had clients, partners and community members also join us in on our milestone anniversary celebration.

Classical music has always been very close to us, as our approach to work has much in common with the symphony orchestra. So, as a surprise, at each location we had a local Philharmonic Orchestra open the night with a passionate performance of Carmina Burana.

From Founder Theo Schnitfink:

“Each one of us contributes to the overall success of Symphony Solutions and celebrating company achievements creates a sense of pride and belonging for all employees.”

The night carried on with look back videos and images, beautiful music, toasts and dancing.

X Gala Ceremony: Symphony Solutions awards

Over 40 awards were given out to those who most embodied Symphony Solutions values in their hard work and actions throughout 2018. We recognized top individuals in categories including Top Performer, Top Motivator, and Top Innovator.

From Symphony 2018 Award Winner, Dimitar Venov:

“I am honored to be part of Symphony Solutions and thankful for the support provided by my colleagues. I will continue my adventures with the same enthusiasm and dedication.”

X Gala Ceremony: Art Charity Auction

Although we have evolved over the past ten years, we have always held steadfast to our commitment of giving back to the community. As a part of our anniversary celebration, we held separate art charity auctions in Skopje, Krakow and Lviv, raising money for the Center for People with Mental Handicap in Macedonia, Foundation ISKIERKA in Poland and Ukrainian art critic and curator battling cancer.

The 10-year anniversary celebration is over, but we’re not finished celebrating. We are excited about becoming the most innovative solutions company in Europe and see what the future holds!

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