Test Environment: A 21st Century Necessity
Test Environment: A 21st Century Necessity
Test Environment: A 21st Century Necessity

Test Environment: A 21st Century Necessity

Welcome to an exciting Symphony Solutions event that delves into the ever-evolving landscape of technology and software development, exploring The Role of Test Environments in the 21st Century. We are thrilled to invite our guest speaker, Artem Zakharchenko, an Architect and the Head of the JS Department at Namecheap, who will uncover the topic.

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Meet our Speaker:

Artem Zakharchenko

Artem Zakharchenko

Architect and Head of the JS Department in Namecheap 

  • Organizator of one of the biggest tech event in Ukraine KharkivJS  
  • Addicted to technology and technical solutions for business
  • Building cross-functional teams
  • Charity foundation leader “Stellar Ukraine”
  • GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Medium  


We’ll talk about: 

Have you ever considered how engineers could build a working process with minimum environments and how it affects infra costs? Besides that, do you know how it affects teams and processes? Let’s discuss answers to all these questions and find a beneficial infrastructure decision. 

  • Patterns development with several environments  
  • Development without test environment pros and cons  
  • How to transition the development process to a testless environment  
  • How to develop without a test environment 

Who will benefit:

  • Software Engineers and Developers: They can gain insights into more efficient development processes and the impact of test environments on their work.  
  • Quality Assurance Professionals: They can learn about the evolving role of test environments in ensuring the quality of software and systems.   
  • IT and Infrastructure Teams: Those responsible for managing infrastructure costs will find strategies and best practices for optimizing infrastructure spending.  
  • Project Managers: Understanding the implications of test environments on processes can help make informed decisions and improve project management.