Values that Shape Our Corporate Culture
Values that Shape Our Corporate Culture
Values that Shape Our Corporate Culture

Values that Shape Our Corporate Culture

Corporate values are often referred to as “guiding principles that help define people’s behavior in a company”. They provide internal and external advantages to the company, and educate clients and potential customers about what the company is and how it operates.

“The values of a company define its ‘how’ side of achieving the business result. The values of a business help to present a consistent ‘face’ of the company to its stakeholders. This tends to make the Company more trustworthy and its employees more confident in knowing how to deal with situations.”

Anna Lewis, Organizational Development Professional.
Values that Shape Our Corporate Culture

A Symphony in Burgundy

We are not different in what we do. We are different in HOW we do it.

We are different because our corporate values are an integral part of our culture. They are the essence of our identity, the principles that guide us, the beliefs we stand by, and the philosophy that shapes our everyday actions and interpersonal interactions.

We take our values very seriously since they are essential to properly execute our strategy and ensure the environment which supports personal and professional growth, inspires productivity; all the while supporting the company’s objectives.

Living by the values makes Symphony a reliable company: our customers prefer to do business with us because they trust us and know that we will be open and honest with them every step of the way. They are confident in our ability to deliver what we promised no matter what challenges we face. Our employees enjoy working here because we constantly encourage them to grow personally and professionally, feel free to be who they are, excel at what they love and find their place in the company.

Trust At The Heart of Symphony

Trust is the foundation on which we’ve built Symphony Solutions. On top of trust, we have 5 values which steam out from it, are deeply rooted in and shape our corporate culture, as well as guide all our actions. They keep us in check, help us make the right decisions and always do the right things, even in the toughest situations.

TRUST: The foundation!

We value trusted relationships within Symphony, with our customers and partners


Trust is the foundation and the main building block on which we rely. We believe trust is crucial when establishing and developing both, internal and external relationships since it is the basis of good communication. That leads to forming stronger bonds and reliable partnerships, which result in achieving personal and professional success.

1. INTEGRITY: Always do the right thing!

We always act with honesty and fairness, even when no one is watching


Standing by your principles and being honest about what you say and do are very important qualities that make us more reliable and true to ourselves, our colleagues and customers. Trusting our employees to do the right thing, even when no one is watching, inspires them to deliver excellent results and strengthens our interpersonal relationships.

2. INNOVATION: Keep innovation as your state of mind!

We constantly strive for progress and improvement of our people, services and our organization


If you want to succeed in a fast-changing world, you must constantly evolve. Innovation is the key for staying up-to-date with the changes around you and becoming better than you were yesterday. We encourage our employees to be constantly curiuos, keep learning and think creatively, be in an innovative state of mind. That helps them work better and smarter, therefore the whole organization becomes more efficient and more successful.

3. INITIATIVE: Be the change you want to see around!

We are proactive when we see an opportunity and always do what needs to be done


We find the best way to make a change is to start with ourselves. We instigate our employees to be proactive and seek alternative ways to do things in a different and better way. We encourage them to act in every opportunity they feel they can or need to, to solve a problem or simplify and improve a process. We value their input, encourage them to speak up, empower them to take responsibility and act upon their suggestions and ideas.

4. INSPIRATIONAL: Whatever you do, do it with passion!

By doing everything with passion, we do extraordinary work that exceeds our customers’ expectations


Being passionate about your work is what adds that extra quality which often results in exceeding expectations. The eagerness to do your best, constant dedication to your work, and the way you put your heart and soul in whatever you do, shape you as an individual and make your work exceptional and inspirational. It shows how gratifying it feels to do what you love and what amazing results one can achieve when working with passion.

5. INTIMACY: Intimacy matters!

We aim to be close to our colleagues and customers in order to better understand each other and build relationships based on trust


When you are close and communicate on a more personal level with your colleagues and customers, you create stronger relationships based on trust, mutual understanding and loyalty. And when you have that closeness within your organization and with your customers, you can easily come up with better solutions and go through whatever situation you may find yourself in, because you know that you can trust and rely on each other.

This set of values influences each one of us and the way we work. They are what makes us different in HOW we do things, inside the company as well outside, with our clients. And here’s how our fellow Symphonians incorporate values in their everyday work:

“Intimacy. We have a transparent relationship in our team. Our teamwork is based on complete trust and understanding so that together we can initiate and innovate bringing to life new and sometimes the craziest ideas ever, inspire each other as well as those around us, e.g. when teaching our students and opening the door to new horizons for them.”


“Being inspirational, for sure. I am passionate about everything I do – I go to work with passion, I work with passion and every day I try to improve myself and complete my tasks better, therefore complete the projects I work on more successfully. And by delivering high-quality solutions to our clients, we provide a better experience for the end-users and makes their world a better place.”

symphony values

When people know they are trusted because there’s a deeper, more intimate relationship between them and other members of Symphony-family and customers, they keep their integrity, are always fair, correct and honest, feel free and empowered to be innovative in their work. They are not afraid to take initiative to change and improve things, which makes them inspirational for other Symphonians and customers. That strengthens the trust we put in them in the first place, and makes the circle complete.