Creating a digital wine experience with Vivino

From a small startup to 45 million users, Vivino and Symphony Solutions are on their 8th year of successful collaboration.

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About the project

Vivino is the world’s largest online wine marketplace with the most downloaded wine app. With a simple label scan, users get instant access to a community-powered database, where they can research, rate, review, and buy wine.

The company was started over a decade ago by two visionaries, Heini Zachariassen and Theis Søndergaard, as a place for wine enthusiasts to bond over their love for good wine. Something created by ordinary people and for ordinary people soon revolutionized the wine market across the world.

Vivino app has now over 45 million users worldwide and is available in 15 different languages. It offers an exquisite choice of over 12 million wines from every winery on the face of the Earth.

Case Study: Cloud Engineering Powers Business

Symphony Solutions helped Vivino expand its database and user interest to become the largest wine community in the world.

The team created an architecture and infrastructure that leverages Cloud technologies to accommodate the continuously growing database of wines and users, as well as manage high load periods like Christmas and Valentine’s day.

Vivino team continues to deliver high-quality code, testing and fine-tuning the app, so that Vivino users get to enjoy an enhanced digital experience.

Over 45 Mln Users & Over 1 Bln Scans

Vivino app is available for download in the app store for both Android and iOS devices. With over 45 million users worldwide, the app has its biggest market shares in the US and Europe.  

The largest wine community in the world, Vivino users always select the best wine and have accumulated millions of unbiased ratings and reviews. Vivino app helps you determine your Taste Profile and can offer you personalized wine recommendations for an exquisite wine tasting experience. 

Vivino marketplace lets you enjoy a selection of hundreds of thousands of wines available for in-app purchase in 17 countries.

"The greatest value for me is the feeling that we are fully integrated into the Vivino team. We are invited to all internal meetings that Vivino holds for its employees, from formal to informal. There are no barriers for us and we can write to anyone from the Vivino team and get answers to any questions. We are invited to Copenhagen to work in their office and feel the atmosphere of working in a team and live communication. It's a very cool feeling."

Yaryna Lebedovych

Senior QA Engineer at Vivino project

The growth of a partnership

Symphony Solutions and Vivino recently celebrated the 8th anniversary of their business partnership.

In 2013, a small Danish start-up with no technical expertise brought Symphony Solutions on board to turn an idea into an up-and-coming product. Today, Vivino is increasing its market share each year, as more and more avid smartphone users grow into the wine-drinking age.

So, what is yet to come for the world’s greatest wine app?

Vivino team is constantly working on delivering new features and functionalities, and expanding localization to new markets and bringing the digital marketplace to more countries, as the userbase grows.


What is the typical structure of the Vivino teams at Symphony?
Lviv team is integrated into the Vivino development team, which is more than 50 developers and testers, including one WebTeam. They are five developer teams, QA team, DevOps team, iOS/Android team. Lviv team’s responsibilities cover everything related to backend/DevOps, as well as quality assurance.
We closely collaborate with the client, which goes beyond daily standup meetings and calls. Vivino fosters a low hierarchy in the team. This facilitates continuous communication and closer relationships within the team. Everyone is on the same page and fully committed to one goal. There is no difference whatsoever between colocated and remote subteams - everyone is part of a whole. Before Covid restrictions, clients and the Vivino team would often visit each other in respective countries to work, bond, and build up team spirit.
We started working with Ruby 6 years ago and continue to do so. Ruby is great for automation as it’s easy to work with, has many ready-made libraries, and a lot of potential for scaling. This allows to accelerate the speed of development and save costs. For such a large-scale and rapidly growing project as Vivino, it’s a perfect fit.

Project highlights

We’re constantly improving our development environment and exploring the new tools/frameworks and libraries in order to make the developers life more interesting and our end product more effective.

Key Points of The Project

Development – 85%
Meetings – 10%
Documentation – 5%


Development – 85%
Meetings – 10%
Documentation – 5%
GoLang, Ruby, Amazon AWS,
Kafka, Elastic Search,
MySQL, Aerospike


GoLang, Ruby, Amazon AWS, Kafka, Elastic Search, MySQL, Aerospike
Wine tasting
in the cordial company
of your team


Wine tasting
in the cordial company
of your team

What Symphony Solutions Has Done for Vivino

Symphony Solutions Vivino is a tight-knit team located in the Lviv office, Ukraine. They are committed to the goal of positively transforming the wine market as we know it. Over the years of close collaboration, this was their contribution to the project:

  • Created the architectural and infrastructure to accommodate the growing database of wines, users, ratings, and prices
  • Migrated the codebase from PHP to GoLang
  • Developed new backend and UI features
  • Worked on database modeling and integration with new services
  • Supported and maintained data pipelines and processes
  • Conducted extensive manual and automated testing of front and back end, UI testing, mobile testing for Android and iOS, automated regression testing right before the release
  • Continues database management, cloud engineering, and development of new features for both mobile apps and Vivino website