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Drive organizational change and become an industry leader leveraging our Agile transformation and Service Design hands on experience.

Cultivating your capabilities and expanding expertise plays as a decisive factor in securing your place on the market and making your business more attractive to prospective clients. Build your skills by learning from professionals with hands-on experience, who are continuously applying their skills in successful real-life projects and stay up to date on the trends and challenges in the industry.

Symphony Solutions offers educational services that will help you achieve your business goals and take your company to the next level. Our team of certified experts are there to pass on their years of hands-on experience and educate and coach you to help you become self-sustainable and achieve expertise.

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Our education services

Agile Transformation

Symphony Solutions has been extensively operating within the Agile methodology for the last four years. The Lean Agile principles are fully penetrated at Symphony Solutions. Our Lean-Agile center of excellence office is providing consultancy services and supporting our clients in their Agile Transformation journey. In 2020 Symphony Solutions has been recognized as SAFe Bronze partner, the first one in Ukraine. Our LACE specialists, as ICAgile Authorized Providers and SAFe Program Consultants, offer SAFe trainings for specific roles and have already trained and/or certified over 1,000 people.

Service Design

Symphony Solutions experts help you build a strong theoretical core and acquire practical knowledge of design thinking, service design, unit economics and more. The students start successfully putting their newly-developed skillsets to real-life use before even leaving the training room. We offer trainings and workshops conducted by recognized experts in the industry, SAFe Certified and Service Design Accredited trainers.
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How we do it

Fast, effective and focused

Targeted skills

Hands-on practical experience and trainer background

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Achieving expertise: Why it matters

Lack of experts can be detrimental to your business. Having a strong core of experts can help you expand business and scale your teams, as well as give you the confidence to examine your perspectives, delve into new projects and opportunities.

  • Your own experts vs. external hires.
  • New market opportunities.
  • Increase project success.
  • Speed up delivery.
  • Deliver value.
  • Smart budgeting.
  • Team culture.

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