Comprehensive Branding Solution for an Inspiring Coworking Space 

Comprehensive Branding Solution for an Inspiring Coworking Space 

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Location: Ukraine
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Since 2019, coworking spaces have evolved a new and compelling appeal in the market as a place that facilitates remote work, builds professional communities, and nurtures work-life balance. Welcoming to both individuals and businesses, coworking spaces became an important link in the work ecosystem due to its flexibility and adaptability, networking and collaboration opportunities, and offers a cost-efficient alternative for traditional office buildings. 


Old Amsterdam Coworking is a shared workspace that fosters collaboration, innovation, and a sense of belonging among its members. It is a distinct space, not like any other, that is in itself a source of inspiration.


The client required a comprehensive branding package, including a new brand identity and logo, website design, and visual style guide for various communication channels, such as social media. As they were a new company, Symphony Solutions design team was tasked with creating the brand from scratch.


Symphony Solutions design started with conducting thorough research on the coworking industry to get a better understanding of the competitors. 

  • What scope of services do they offer? 
  • How do they present themselves on social media platforms? 
  • What does their website look like? 

Design team mapped the user story as part of the research of client’s target audience. 

When I can’t work from home, I want to have some place (comfortable, not a lot of noise), where I can do my job. So, I can try to find space where I can do my work. 

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With the research conducted, the team was able to develop a brand strategy that aligned with the client’s vision and values. Proceeding with the creation of the branding package, the design team achieved the following: 

  • Worked on naming that would emphasize the client’s Dutch origin while creating a positive association with a welcoming place and an easy-going, friendly atmosphere. 
  • Created a brand identity and logo that accurately represented their brand image and message. 
  • Designed a visual style guide to ensure consistency across all communication channels, that included guidelines for color, typography, imagery, and other design elements.  
  • Applied the new branding to the website design, which included clear navigation, a modern aesthetic, and a user-friendly interface. 
  • Designed all social media visuals, including post templates and cover images, to ensure that the brand was represented consistently across all online platforms. 


Symphony Solutions design team took the client through a step-by-step process to create a unique and memorable brand identity that accurately conveyed the client’s vision and values. The website design, social media visuals, and other communication channels were aligned with the brand’s new identity and provided a consistent user experience. As a result, The Old Amsterdam Coworking was successfully launched. The client was able to establish a strong brand presence and promptly attracted new members to their coworking space. 

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