DevOps Managed Team Enhances Data Storage & Management 

DevOps Managed Team Enhances Data Storage & Management 

Industry: IT
Location: Ukraine
Client since: 2022
1,314,443 + objects analyzed
Reliable solution for government use
Integration with DIIA
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Cloud & DevOps Managed Infrastructure
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RebuildUA project came into existence as the world’s response to russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Initiated by the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance, it aims at reconstructing the civil infrastructure damaged and destroyed as a result of the ongoing war. Understanding the gravity of the project and global resonance, it was necessary to provide Ukrainian authorities with means for collective review of the damage to provide reports and legal documents for granting compensation in the forthcoming future. 


Covizmo is a data engineering and consulting company that has utilized AI/ML and Computer Vision Algorithms in creating a platform for visual data analysis with the use of drones and satellite images, which is used to map out industrial infrastructures. Azenzus Vision’s online platform provided the technological foundation for collecting and processing data on war damage of the infrastructure in Ukraine. 

RebuildUA project was requested by the President’s Office and the Ministry of Economy and undertaken by the Kyiv School of Economics in February 2022. Since then, many global government entities and enterprises joined the project as their contribution to the restoration of Ukraine after the war.  

RebuildUA project aims to inspect the war damage to public, civilian and business property and prepare reports for the global public and authorities as a way to engage business and governments in restoring the country’s infrastructure in the coming future. 


Initially, Covizmo used their own platform as a workaround to gather the information. Symphony Solutions was brought on board with the goal of building the module with a new UI that would simplify the process of inserting data and generating reports about assessed building damage together with signatures of reviewers will act as a legal document for granting compensation for damages. This would provide a reliable system for Ukrainian authorities for collective review and approval of building damages caused by the russian invasion of Ukraine. 


Symphony Solutions team engaged on the project consists of 3 .Net Software Developers, DevOps engineers, and a Service Delivery Manager. 

Azenzus Vision platform works as the basis for the infrastructure damage database. For every single image the system stores GPS coordinates and available address information for each building. It is possible to add context information about damage, which can be configured and extended. A built-in workflow helps identify damages focused on data validation and verification.  

Mapping out damaged infrastructure objects
Mapping out damaged infrastructure objects

A basic follow-up process, called “Engineering Assessment”, can be triggered for each individual damage finding and is handling the process of expert assessment of identified damage and update of information based on expert feedback.  

Engineering assessment screen acts as a “mail inbox” where users have to process one-by-one the assigned damage annotation and confirm / provide feedback about data entered there. During this process the system records changes and username of the user who performed assessment. 

Data annotation in Engineering Assessment screen
Data annotation in Engineering Assessment screen

Symphony Solutions team is involved in developing and implementing changes to the “Engineering Assessment” module that will enable collective review and sign-off of the identified damage defect and publishing of this information as a PDF report. 

Development plans: 

  • Implement digital signatures for sign-off 
  • Integrate with DIIA/BankID/government ID available in Ukraine 
  • Integrate with state address catalog 
  • Integrate with other damage catalogs available  
  • Mobile-friendly interface 
  • Possibility to work offline from mobile devices 
  • Provide screens for monitoring of group work 
  • Custom rules of sign-off procedure 
  • Self-registration of users and user validation 
  • Process of user invitation 
  • More complex data analytics and visualization 
  • Implement robust backup/restore procedures 
  • Migrate to government cloud 

“At the moment we are collecting information gathered by drones and sources from satellite images about building damages in Ukraine. The image analysis and verification of the records are performed in Azenzus Vision system which covers end-to-end process of data collection, analysis with help of the AI tools, validation of identified damages and publishing of analytical information about individual damages” 

Artem Ruzak, Director of Covizmo Lviv Office


Since the start of the RebuildUA project, 1,314,443 + infrastructure objects were analyzed and added to the database. 


Symphony Solutions Managed DevOps team continues working with the client on the solution to make the data management easier and more user-friendly, which involves: 

  • Creating flexible data modeling structure for damage registration 
  • Building module with new UI 
  • DIIA integration for accessing, reviewing and signing off damage reports 
  • Streamlining the import process of new data 
  • Reporting microservice 
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