Efficient Go-to-Market Strategy for New Healthcare Testing Chain 

Efficient Go-to-Market Strategy for New Healthcare Testing Chain 

Industry: Healthcare
Client since: 2020
GTM strategy in 5 days
Decreased CPP
Increased conversion rate to 16%
Services used
Digital marketing
Technologies used


In the recent years, the global healthcare system has found itself under strain due to rising healthcare costs, emergence of new disease, and aging population. The general population is often rendered unable to access proper care in a timely manner. In this regard, the importance of diagnostic and preventative care is as relevant as ever. The healthcare market is in urgent need of an affordable, fast and reliable solution for early diagnostics. Regular tests, on average, cost hundreds of euros and take two whole days for the person being tested to get the result. The current healthcare crisis makes it crucial to introduce testing that is accessible for high-risk groups of people that are more vulnerable and susceptible to the disease due to underlying medical conditions and old age. Second, the high price of the test makes it problematic to conduct testing on large scale in highly populated areas, organizations, and institutions. 


The client is a healthcare industry chain of testing centers that specializes in offering rapid diagnostic tests to individuals and companies in the Benelux market. Their service provides convenient testing kits that can be administered by medically trained personnel while you are in a drive-through setting. The tested person receives the results delivered to their email in as little as 15 minutes. The tests have been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and are even being considered for use in educational facilities. 


The client approached Symphony Solutions with a need to introduce their services on the market in a very tight time-frame. They needed an effective go-to-market strategy that would create visibility from both B2C and B2B perspectives. All this had to be done in a very sensitive and heavily regulated niche that had tough competition with over 15 other companies already present in the location. 


Healthcare is a challenging niche when it comes to getting good visibility, as it is strictly observed that the companies are properly authorized to provide services, give medical advice, or even publish any healthcare-related information. Regulations are required to stop any fraudulent activities and harmful misinformation that may state a risk to a person’s wellbeing and life. Operating in the healthcare sector, the Symphony Solutions team had to be extra conscious of how the client presents itself online and if it adheres to state requirements and regulations. 

Right from the start, Symphony Solutions team were faced with a number of challenges: 

  • Verification. Working in a sensitive sector, the company needed proper verification and certification as an authority in the healthcare domain. Google factors in E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trust) when promoting a website, which is especially the case for high-sensitivity and heavily regulated domains like healthcare. 
  • No historical facts for the company. The client was a new company in an already saturated market which posed a considerable challenge for the Marketing team. 
  • Tough competition. At the time, when the client approached Symphony Solutions, there were already 15+ companies on the market in the area. Regardless, Symphony took on the challenge to help establish the company as a reputable testing center that is reliable and provides affordable quality services.
  • Tough competition. At the time, when the client approached Symphony Solutions, there were already 15+ companies on the market in the area. Regardless, Symphony took on the challenge to help establish the company as a reputable testing center that is reliable and provides affordable quality services. 


Symphony Solutions team started with developing a go-to-market strategy, which needed to be delivered in record time with respect to the urgency of the project. In just five days, the Marketing team developed a GTM strategy for B2C clients, the target audiences determined as individuals who wanted to get tested and companies and organizations interested in testing their employees en masse. Later on, the B2B strategy was introduced as a new direction. 

The client was able to initiate B2G collaboration and get more involved with the government – rapid testing kits were planned to be introduced in schools and educational facilities. Students accommodated with testing kits could have the tests performed at their learning facility, which saved a lot of time and resources and helped the students continue their studies on campus. Allowing students to remain in their learning environment was especially important for tech and engineering students who, under normal circumstances, would be required to do lab projects but were forced to miss out on valuable learning experience when studying remotely. 

The marketing orchestration focused around showcasing the competitive advantages of the client over other testing facilities, which were:   

  • Highly secure solution for handling personal and medical data using cloud technologies 
  • Cost of test as low as 49 EUR – cheapest on the market 
  • Convenient location and testing in a drive-through assisted by a medically trained personnel 

Ad campaigns and performance 

The marketing team launched over 100 Google Ads campaigns. To target leads by location, ads were optimized accordingly and local marketing campaigns were launched. This helped drive rapid growth and improvement in just eight weeks as the ads achieved an optimization score of 95+% (average on the market being around 80%). Overall, the paid search accounted for 26,72% of assisted conversions. The client managed to decrease the cost per purchase by 750%, CPC averaging 0,33 EUR. 

Optimized ad campaigns to lower cost per purchase from 20,8 EUR to 1,78 EUR, and get cheap lead generation. 


Organic performance 

Website’s organic performance was steady on the rise. SEO activities for the client focused on getting organic keywords and branded keywords, to get traction and gain leads from organic search. 

As of January 2021, the main sources of traffic for the client were PPC and organic search. 

Omnichannel solution 

Omnichannel marketing strategy was leveraged to bring in the first results in two days after the project launch.  

  • Optimized channels of communication 
  • Launched 22 Facebook campaigns 


Symphony Solutions in record time prepared the client’s project for launch. Since the start of the collaboration, the company firmly established its online presence as a reputable chain of testing centers and started working with the government. Over the course of working with the client, the Marketing team achieved remarkable results, such as: 

  • Developed a GTM strategy in 5 days 
  • Decreased CPP from 20,8 EUR to 1,75 EUR 
  • Increased conversion rate from 4% to 16% 
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