Transforming Workplace with a 3D Hologram 

Transforming Workplace with a 3D Hologram 

Industry: IT
Location: Netherlands
Pioneering 3D Holograms for Dynamic Workspaces
Innovative and Custom 3D Hologram
Transforming Office Interactions with Holographic Tech
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Our team at Symphony Solutions sought to explore and harness the potential of new software, particularly in the realm of 3D holographic projections. This initiative was about embracing technology and creating a meaningful and engaging experience for our employees, clients, and visitors. The pursuit led us to the concept of Symphie, our personalized 3D holographic projection. 



Symphony Solutions, based in the Netherlands, is a Cloud and AI-driven IT powerhouse, specializing in crafting bespoke solutions for the iGaming, Healthcare, and Airline industries. As a premier software provider, we take pride in our innovative approach and commitment to delivering high-quality services. Our expertise spans across a spectrum of areas, including full-cycle software development, cloud engineering, data and analytics, AI services, and digital marketing orchestration. Since our founding in 2008, we have been dedicated to serving an extensive and diverse international client base, including industry giants like Ladbrokes Coral, William Hill, Caesars Entertainment, and Editec. Our primary focus is on catering to clients in Western Europe and North America, ensuring we maintain our reputation for excellence in the IT sector. 


As an organization constantly seeking new technological avenues, Symphony Solutions ventured into the less explored domain of 3D holographic projections. The primary hurdle was not only to understand and develop this technology but to do so in a way that aligns with the company’s innovative ethos. One major challenge in the Hologram Pyramid Project was designing and integrating the hologram pyramid. This task involved merging complex software with the physical hardware to ensure that the pyramid could project clear 3D images in the limited space at the office entrance. 

designers prototyping acrylic pyramid


To address these challenges, Symphony Solutions leveraged its expertise in software development and UI/UX design. The team undertook extensive R&D to design the hologram pyramid, integrating custom software with the acrylic structure for efficient 3D projections within the spatial constraints of the office entrance. Personalization was achieved by synchronizing the software with the company’s employee database, enabling Symphie to deliver personalized greetings. Moreover, various content was developed, and an administrative program was created for easy content management and database updates. 

developing custom hologram software
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Creating our hologram pyramid, Symphie, was an exciting venture for the design team. This project opened doors to new technologies and advanced 3D modeling, bringing a unique vibrancy to our office environment. Although Symphie uses pseudo-holographic projection, the development process taught us valuable lessons and inspired creative enhancements. 

symphie hologram greetings

Symphie became popular among our staff and visitors after her debut, quickly becoming a cherished part of our office culture. Her presence has sparked a wave of interest and suggestions for further enhancements. Motivated by this positive feedback, we continuously enhance Symphie’s features and visual appeal. Our efforts are geared towards making her interactions more engaging extending personalized messages to all visitors. Additionally, we’re exploring ways to integrate Symphie into diverse areas like marketing and client presentations. 

We’re proud of creating Symphie and are committed to continuously refining her, keeping our workplace at the forefront of innovation. Visitors are always welcome to experience the charm and innovation Symphie adds to our office. 

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