QA Services Audit for Product Lifecycle Management Solution  

QA Services Audit for Product Lifecycle Management Solution  

Industry: IT
Location: USA
Client since: 2016
Analyzed 5 major areas
with 250 checklist items
Provided audit summary report
8.3 CSAT on average
Services used
Application Development Cloud & DevOps Software Testing & QA
Technologies used


Quality assurance plays a crucial role in all software projects, regardless of their size or technology domain. QA audits help evaluate whether the established QA processes are being followed correctly, identifying areas for improvement, and ensuring that the overall quality management system is functioning optimally. Regular audit ensures that our clients receive the highest quality of Software Testing Services from Symphony Solutions. 



Neo PLM is a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) provider to life sciences companies, including pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, and other process manufacturers. Neo developed the first integrated process PLM solution in the industry to unite stakeholders spanning the entire product lifecycle, from late-stage research through manufacturing. 


One of the challenges of the project itself was about integrating the core Neo PLM solutions with Pfizer systems: ERP, MES. During this integration project more than 230 pages of documentation were prepared and tested; 10 different system message types documented (with sizes of messages up to 1k bytes); 7 Business Process diagrams; 4 Integrations covered. 

Neo PLM agreed to conduct an internal audit of QA services to prove that the quality of the services is at the expected level. 


Symphony Solutions’ internal audit framework, containing more than 5 major sections with about 300 checklists items, has been adjusted to cover major project areas according to the Neo PLM QA services project specifics. 

  • Audit started with analysis of existing documentation and interviewing team members about their duties and activities. All findings and facts were crosschecked and properly documented in internal files. 
  • Team members’ capacity was affected by minimum time, not to influence project milestones. 
  • Audit results shared between all relevant stakeholders, and respective corrective actions related to major findings were assigned to their accountable persons. 

Symphony Solutions team completed the QA audit with the following results: 

  • All reported defects detected during various testing phases were thoroughly analyzed and prioritized 
  • Average defects leakage to external environments is calculated and controlled by the team 
  • External audits confirmed that processes are managed and improving 

The next audit is planned to be conducted in one year and will start with reviewing the last results and general team progress. 

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Benefit from a Balanced Approach
to Quality Assurance and Testing


Symphony Solutions team conducted QA audit and presented the client with a comprehensive view of the project dynamics and processes: 

  • Analyzed service delivery on 5 major areas with 250 checklist items 
  • Provided client with audit summary report to justify important findings 
  • Conducted CSAT of main stakeholders (average satisfaction rate is 8.3 out of 10) 

Symphony Solutions team defined additional opportunities for improvements, such as regarding the use of AI tools in the daily work of developers and testers, as well as business-related offerings of AI-features adoptions.