Corporate volunteering

At Symphony Solutions, we have committed to supporting our local communities through charity events, fundraising, and volunteering. Our help goes out to those in need and, even in a time of adversary, we make it a point to pass on our good will and help make a difference where it’s needed.

taking parts in charity events

Charity initiatives

Our hearts go out to everyone in need.

donating to the medical care

Symphonians donate to people battling debilitating conditions and in need of urgent medical care.

supporting NGOs

We hold fundraisers in support of NGOs and social initiatives.

helping animals

We have an internal fund for helping feral animals.

supporting music at symphony solutions

At first there was music

Music is our greatest passion – it’s all in the name! Just like a symphony orchestra, we bring together our expertise and creativity to create something exceptional. That’s why we have a long-standing tradition in supporting the INSO-Lviv orchestra.