Empowering Communities – Standing up for Equality

An individual makes up the fabric of society and is empowered when supported by the community. We strive to build a vibrant environment for self-expression and personal development, and do our part in standing up for equality.

SHE. Community

Together with SHE. community, we create better opportunities for women in their career and professional development, raise awareness about gender equality through education and events, support non-profits, and engage Ambassadors in promoting our initiatives.

she community
no more campaign


Symphony Solutions and SHE. community joined the NO MORE campaign, a social initiative created to address the rising levels of domestic violence during the lockdowns in 2020. SHE. community provided informational support and collaborated with NGOs on a series of educational events and fundraising for a safe living space for women and children in need.

no more campaign

Company leaders recorded a video message in collaboration with the NO MORE Foundation

helping NGOs

Fundraising to help NGO Centre “Women’s Perspectives” with the rent of the apartment for social needs, 16300 UAH raised

workshop dream job

The workshop “Dream job: search instructions” was organized to help women take a turn in their career and find a job