Go green

Being an integral part of our planet, we need to adapt our lifestyle to do what is right if we want to preserve it for future generations. Here at Symphony Solutions, we practice ‘green’ activities to raise awareness and nurture a sense of respect and responsibility for nature.
Symphonians are encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle and good habits through recycling, carpooling, doing sports and taking care of their body and mind.

80% of sorted waste recycled
Hybrid office model
Sustainable office at symphony solutions

Sustainable office

  • Symphonians sort their waste and are careful with excessive use of resources with the help of Zelena Korobka.
  • Our branded products are made from recycled materials.
  • We measure our sustainability by collecting and analyzing data on recycling, power and water usage in the office, etc.
go green week at symphony solutions


Green Week is an eco-initiative at Symphony Solutions to do a recap of the “green” habits that we practice over the year, talk about sustainable living, healthy lifestyles, partake in charity events and workshops, and give Green Awards to the most eco-friendly Symphonians.

cooperation with zelena korobka


In 2020 we partnered up with Zelena Korobka to raise awareness about recycling in the Lviv office. In just the first three months, we recycled 80% of our sorted waste.

green week

Green Week

bicycle parking

Bicycle parking

share the road initiative

Share the road initiative