Embrace Continuous Delivery with our DevOps Services

Respond to customer needs and market demands more quickly with DevOps services 

DevOps practices bring together development and operations teams, fostering the culture of continuous improvement and collaboration while enabling organizations to deliver products more efficiently and reliably


DevOps services we offer 

Establish an efficient and streamlined delivery pipeline, reducing time-to-market and ensuring timely software releases.

Foster close collaboration between development and operations teams, breaking down silos and promoting cross-functional teamwork to deliver features that resonate with your audience. 

Implement robust monitoring, continuous integration, and automated testing to identify and resolve potential issues early on, ensuring stability and resilience. 

Prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness through automation and optimization, making smarter use of your resources and maximizing value.

Implement monitoring and feedback mechanisms to gather valuable insights, enabling continuous improvement and informed decision-making. 

DevOps services we offer 
As the development team pursues business goals, the Symphony Cloud Services team handles routine automation, utilizing modern Cloud tools from AWS. 
Expediting current processes 
We can help you expedite processes such as tasks management, bug tracking, code integration, branching strategy, build and release management, automated testing, quality gates, and release infrastructure configuration.  
Helping choose the right toolset 
Our cloud and DevOps consultants can help you select the optimal DevOps and Automation toolset tailored to your needs. Our experts provide valuable guidance in choosing the right tools that align with your business requirements 
Continuous Integration,
Branching, Build and Release 
Our DevOps Engineers take care of Source code management, Branching, Build and Release pipeline automation. Consult developers on how to implement new approaches and CI/CD automation to the existing flow. 
Reducing manual testing 
Our QA Automation experts streamline manual testing through integrated automated tests in the build process. We utilize top CI tools for continuous building and testing, while training test engineers in Cloud Automation tools and Continuous Testing best practices. 
Security-related research 
Research of security-related features and processes related to development and production infrastructure and application itself. Symphony Infosec team provides the list of recommendations to be followed by the development team, DevOps, and IT. 
Secure software development life cycle 
By prioritizing secure development, you can minimize security-related costs, avoid repetitive issues, ensure consistent security levels, deliver secure source code, deployment, and infrastructure, achieve compliance, and increase trust among stakeholders and clients.
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Why Symphony Solutions? 
Efficient delivery 
Our streamlined DevOps practices and automation techniques ensure a faster time to market, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.
Quality assurance 
Our dedicated QA team uses automated testing tools to meticulously test your software at every stage to ensure optimal performance and reduce post-release bugs. 
Secure operations
We integrate robust security measures throughout the development process, protecting your valuable assets from potential threats. 
Symphony DevOps stack
We have some ready-to-use scripts that allow to deploy and deliver value fast  
Agile methodology
We utilize Agile methods, including Scrum and Kanban, to efficiently deliver high-quality products with flexible scope.  
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