Managing remote teams in 2023
Managing remote teams in 2023
Managing remote teams in 2023

Managing remote teams in 2023

The pandemic brought us a new reality of remote work. It’s 2022, and the number of people working remotely is increasing daily.  

It’s no wonder that remote work is so popular: less time spent commuting, the ability to work from anywhere and hire globally, and “working from home without pants.”   

However, it comes with its own set of challenges. With more employees working remotely, managers are left wondering how they’re supposed to manage people they rarely see in person.  

And with this shift toward remote work came the rise of virtual management, a field dedicated to the skillful practice of managing and leading remote teams.  

Let’s dive into the topic with Symphony Solutions and our guests! 

Our experts: 
1. Gordana Andonovska, Service Delivery Manager at Symphony Solutions. 
2. Amanda Beloy, Chief Executive Officer at Avantage Entertainment. 
3. Rodrigo Vega M., Corporate HR Manager at PeyPerHead. 


  1. Challenges of remote work. 
  2. Rules for the remote teams. 
  3. Challenges of managing remote teams. 
  4. Tips for managing remote teams. 
  5. Remote work – evolution in using best practices and technologies. 
  6. Creativity and fun for the remote teams. 

Who will benefit from the event: 
Project Managers, Delivery Managers, People Partners (HRs), Team Leaders, Scrum Masters, and Managers of all levels. And definitely for all curious 🙂

See you online!


When: November 22, 7 pm CEST 
Where: Zoom event 
Price: Free 
Language: English