Symphony Solutions Supports UNBROKEN: Bionic Hand Finds Owner


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Mykhailo Yurchuk, paratrooper and defender of Ukraine, became the first to receive a bionic hand prosthesis at the National Rehabilitation Center UNBROKEN. Overcoming adversity, Mykhailo is now able to move his robot fingers and gradually gets back the function of his lost limb. His story is one of many to come, as Symphony Solutions continues its support of the rehabilitation center in Lviv, Ukraine.

Symphony Solutions purchased two bionic hands created by an American-Ukrainian company Esper Bionics. The AI-powered prostheses are the latest tech of their kind. Self-learning and highly sensitive, the bionic hands allow the patient to restore fine motor skills and perform daily tasks with ease and precision. This is in contrast to regular prostheses that are limited mainly to cosmetic purposes. The fact that this kind of treatment and rehabilitation can now be provided in Ukraine is astonishing and noteworthy. UNBROKEN doctors expect to create a positive healing environment for the patients since they won’t have to be away from family and loved ones at their most vulnerable.

Symphony Solutions became the first IT company to support the UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center, having donated over 100,000 euros to the hospital, aiming to bring our donation to a total of 500,000. This is part of our continuous charity work within the Stand by Ukraine foundation, which provides financial support and humanitarian aid for Ukraine as it’s caught in a brutal war against Russia.

“I am thrilled to witness the very first implementation of the bionic hands that we sponsor. Knowing the patients and the local hospital that was responsible for this is so much more personal and therefore more satisfying. When donating to large organizations, you never know how your money is used and they spend way too much on their own administrative expenses. We chose a more personal and intimate approach, so now we have this opportunity to build relationships with the hospital and the patients. This way the patients get the 100% that they deserve.” 

Theo Schnitfink, Founder and CEO of Symphony Solutions 

About UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center, Ukraine 

UNBROKEN is the National Rehabilitation Center created within the First Territorial Medical Association in Lviv. It is a healthcare hub that provides medical treatment by a multidisciplinary team of professional physicians, including physical care, reconstructive surgeries, prosthesis care and manufacturing, psychological and social rehabilitation for patients.